Friday, February 18, 2011

What do Keith Marshall and a Hedgehog Have in Common?

This video is of 2012 super-recruit Keith Marshall of Raleigh, NC (Millbrook). He is listed as an all-purpose back at 5'11 190 with "4.4" speed. This is all according to Rivals, of course. If you look at the videos, it looks more like he has 4.0 bake eerily similar to what Reggie Bush had out of HS with a little less shake. Apparently Richt likes this kid so much he serenaded him for his birthday yesterday. Think he could've thrown in a back flip here or there and some pyro to go along with that?

Word is that we currently are in the lead for him, but again, it's really early. So back to my earlier question, what common thread do Marshall and a hedgehog share? (Hint: They probably both don't have
a pink girlfriend who wears ridiculously large red boots or a really lame sidekick with multiple tails.)

Picking up what I'm puttin down here?

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