Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge: Baseball, Women's Basketball, and "Rocky" Gets Rolled

Dawgola and I usually try to stick to news out of the basketball and football programs, as our little two man show can't keep you in the know about everything going on in Athens. While I do stay semi-informed about other programs at UGA, I won't claim to be polished enough to pass my knowledge onto anyone else. As this week is seemingly turning out to be a pretty slow news week, there are a few small-screen topics that we haven't commented on, but nevertheless are still picking at Dawg fans.

The first of which has to do with David Perno and his Diamond Dawgs. After a very disappointing year last season, Perno's Pups looked to start the season off on a high note with a series win at Stetson. The end result is what would appropriately be described as a Hatter smatter. The Dawgs didn't really compete in the series and the baseball faithful are taking exception to the lackluster effort in the Sunshine state. I might have to agree with them at least a little.

The Bulldogs should have won the series this weekend. Even though Stetson is a pretty good team, they shouldn't be competitive with the quality of players that Georgia has. Colby May, Jonathan Taylor, and transfers Curt Powell and Jonathan Hester are pretty good players- good enough to beat Stetson anyway.

It's pretty early, but a series loss like this isn't a good way to start off the season. While some people are ready to run Perno out on a rail, baseball is a curious creature and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt... for now. Don't FIRE PERNO just yet.

Next on the short list is Andy Landers. Andy's team got blown out at Tennessee on Monday night by about 30 and, once again, everyone is ready to fire him for the 25th time after losing to one of the best coaches of all time in any sport. I think he falls in the "I Just Want Something to Gripe About" list.

Really, how many of you care so deeply about Georgia Women's Basketball? I guess that's why the tickets are so astronomically high at $40 for the SEASON package. Nothing against the Lady Dawgs, but women's hoops just isn't as exciting as men's.

Landers has a pretty good squad in Athens from what I can tell. When you lose a laugher to someone with 1063 wins and 198 losses (That's right- a winning % of .843), you shouldn't get this much flak. Come on people, even Phil Jackson would have his hands full with the Pat'ernator.

She's been at UTk as the head coach since just after her 22nd birthday. Basically, after writing this I'm even more convinced Summitt is far under-appreciated in the world of coaching.*** So for those of you who have a distaste for Landers loss the other night, get your tightie-whities out of a bunch.

Finally, for some unknown reason, everyone seems to be up in arms over the athletic department selling out Tom Fell last week. I was actually glad to not hear Bill Conti for the whole game. Let's face it folks, for everyone over the age of 12, this shtick has been played out. I'm advocating for a change. How about Ralph Macchio and Elizabeth Shue with a Jose Esposito overtures?

You can't tell me that it wouldn't be more entertaining seeing some cat on the floor dealing with faux Cobra Kai in the middle of the basketball court. You could even get one of the Dance Dawgs to do Shue's part in the whole deal. If that's not motivating I don't know what is.

Oh, and just so I don't offend any of you softball lovers, the team is now the top team in the country. This is UGA's first No. 1 ranking in the history of the school. Good job.

***It pained me to no end to write this about a coach who's wardrobe staple is the color orange. Even so, she's really damn good.***

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