Thursday, February 3, 2011

UGA Hoops Recap

Despite the FCC not shutting down CSS and/or ESPN for showing a live partial-birth abortion last night (a.k.a. the first-half of the UGA/Arkansas basketball game), it was still nice to see another road win. So far this season, the Dawgs have won true road games at St. Louis, Georgia Tech, Mercer, Ole Miss, and now Arky. Five road wins is not a bad number, but what is probably more important is the fact that we are back to even in conference play (4-4). We have two upcoming home games -- Auburn and Xavier -- which could be a huge boost heading into another WINNABLE road game against South Carolina.

As for the game last night, like I said, the first half was...not...pretty. Trey completely sucked and got into foul trouble. Leslie was nonexistent (for most of the second-half as well), and well...we only scored 22 points so obviously we sucked. The good news? Arkansas sucked too! We came out fairly strong in the second half and got up by as many as six, but ultimately the game came down to the last possession...again. But this time the calls went our way. After Trey possible traveled and then hummed the ball at mach-2 toward the basket, he then got the ball back, put up another crazy shot, was awarded a shooting foul, and made a free throw with 1.4 seconds left (and purposely missed the second). Basically, the entire game was a lot like the Kentucky game Saturday except we played a worse team and were able to pull out a win.

Personally, I don't care how we won. Arkansas was riding a 12-game home win streak and were coming off an impressive road win at Vandy. This was a big win for us and we have a great chance to get some more wins and more momentum.

Some other game notes: Price played well (by his standards) going for 11 and 7. Nolte played hard on D (but got his shot blocked about 13 times on one possession) and should probably play more. Thornton is CLOSE to being good -- he needs to be playing the 4 on offense. Leslie is having trouble finding points. He struggles to create his own shot against athletic defenses and still can't consistently knock down jumpers (though he did make a big three). Robinson and Ware were solid but not spectacular (Actually Robinson did a pretty good job guarding Rotnei Clarke on defense). Barnes...meh. Williams..meh. Brantley...mostly meh but hit a big three. Fox played 11 guys in a close game and 8 of them played double-digit doesn't mean we have great depth but we have bodies!


  1. I am becoming a loyal reader and especially appreciate the B-ball coverage. I, too, found the first half of last night's game unwatchable. That said, could you please stop with the references to partial-birth abortion - it is a horrendous analogy. Just recently the news broke about great evils committed in Philadelpia by an abortion doc ( Listen, I don't want to be the guy who unnecessarily gets his panties in a wad, but I couldn't let that analogy pass again without a comment. Thanks for the site, again, and for considering this concern.

  2. Adam in Bama,

    Thanks for reading first of all. We are pretty big Hoops fans and we realize that UGA lacks proper basketball coverage at times whether it be the AJC, ABH, or any other media outlet. As for the abortion comment....yes, it was probably unnecessary and may have offended some of our female readers, so I apologize. Perhaps it was a poor attempt at humor but at the time, that was the most graphic analogy I could think of to describe that mess of a first half.

    Thanks again for reading and I should have a little "bracketology" update tomorrow on the Dawgs.

  3. Thank you for the response! Look forward to reading more.