Friday, February 4, 2011

UGA Bracketology Update

Apparently that was a pretty big win Wednesday. Why? Because heading into the game, ESPN's Joe Lunardi had UGA as the first team OUT of the NCAA tourney. Now, we are among his "last four in". But this would be bad for one reason: we would have to play in one of those silly "play-in games". Basically, we would have to play an extra game before entering the field of 64 (he has us playing in a 12-seed play-in game against Kansas State)

But there is good news -- the 'Bracketology Matrix' has us currently as a ten-seed, which would mean we avoid the dreaded "play-in" game. Most of the bracketology websites updated after our Arky win have us anywhere between a 9 and 12 seed. Essentially, we don't need to lose to Auburn this weekend. Our RPI is currently #37 and our SOS is ranked #36. Given that we are in a major conference, anywhere in the top 40 RPI should certainly get us in. A win over Xavier Tuesday would be VERY big, as they have a top 30 RPI. We need to avoid bad losses, and snag as many "good wins" as possible. As I said earlier in January, a win over Xavier and 9-7 in conference play should be enough.

We'll have another update next week but it appears the Dawgs are barely safe for now.

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