Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Topping Off" The 2011 Georgia Class

Yesterday was a GOOD day for Georgia Bulldog fans such as myself. With the 25 commitments Mark Richt received, needs were addressed and a little pop nationally was had as the wounds from last year were somewhat bandaged intermittently. National pub and rubbing shoulders with a few other Red and Black-clad hombres was soothing for what's ailing Dawgs across the state. There was finally some excitement in and around Athens, which is just what the doctor ordered.

It could have been a little more bright, though. And while I know some of you are gonna hammer me for it, we still could have finished a little better. I'm not saying this because I thought we'd get all of those fringe guys like Pagan, Richardson, and Dickson, but because the Dawg Nation needs to change it's mindset. I'm tickled pink that we got ink from Crowell, Drew, Rome, Mitchell, and Marshall (a guy who isn't talked about much, but I feel he's the best "football player" we have coming in), but let's face it- this isn't good enough.

The Dawgs have to keep searching for better in all that they do. That's the only way we'll find our way back. Never stop striving for greatness. The soured mood and mindset is starting to turn with a day like today- and that's the initial domino. Once you've stacked 'em up (Boise, new coaches, etc.) then you gotta topple 'em.

But enough of my drivel. This was the class that Mark Richt needed. I'll count myself in the group that thought we'd get Pagan and Richardson, but I hit the smelling salts on Sunday. Getting either of those guys would be icing on the cake... and the staff thought so too. Anyone who was extremely disappointed about not getting the aforementioned guys... well, you haven't had Nick Saban and daddy in your ear telling you where you need to go to college. At any rate, Richt and Co. seemed to be pleased with what transpired Wednesday and excited about the new weapons at their disposal.

I've evaluated the close of this class by a simple checklist. Here it is:

1. Isaiah Crowell... Check.
2. John Jenkins... 
3. Kent Turene... Check.

Those are the guys that we needed to get to round things out; two are off the board. If Grantham seals the deal with John Jenkins, it's the best class we could've hoped for at 7:30 p.m. on December 31st. If you thought something like this would come together after that New Year's Eve debacle, you and that cop have apparently been snatching up 'ludes from Mitch Mustain together.

Jenkins is what's left to really get this year started off with a bang. He may not ever play a down in Athens, but his commitment would get that momentum and excitement really flowing in Athens and we need it.

We need a HELL of a lot of it.

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