Friday, February 4, 2011

Recruiting Edge for USC: You Can Sell "Drugs" Without Danger of a Felony

In a stroke of genius, perennial No. 2 QB and transfer threat Mitch Mustain was arrested for selling Adderall to an undercover cop. It really made sense to me, as every time I go onto Craigslist or Ebay the first thing I think about is, "Wow. I could really make some scratch running a 'secret' drug ring on here. All I have to do is say, 'SERIUS BUYERZ ONLEE. NO COPS!!!' and I'm golden."

Quite possibly the DUMBEST thing I've ever heard of.

But as the headline reads, he isn't being charged with a felony in the case. It just so happened that he was, in fact, selling lisdexamfetamine dimesylate, or what Wikipedia describes below:

" (Vyvanse) ... has less potential for misuse than its active metabolite (Adderall) due to being initially inactive upon consumption via all methods and taking longer to metabolise than dextro-amphetamine (both results of being a pro-drug). Potential for causing addiction exists, especially if taken in non-therapeutic quantities. Misuse of lisdexamfetamine may also cause the same extent of cardiovascular side-effects as dextro-amphetamine, but again this risk is likely to be reduced due to the method of administration."

So Mustain was passing this stuff (that has the same effects, treats the same condition, and has the same side effects) off as Adderall, but because it's some other ADHD med he doesn't get in trouble? Just Google "selling fake drugs" and see what pops up on the screen. The punishment for pushing sea salt as meth is just the same as selling the real thing in just about every state. 

Once again, if this would've happened in Athens it would have been all over ESPN. I can see Linda Cohn leading off SportsCenter, "Mark Richt's seat got even hotter today as back-up QB Pat McGroin was arrested for selling fake drugs to a police officer this afternoon." Then we'd get a really crappy segment with Jesse Palmer and Dari Nowkhah beating it to death.

But seriously, shouldn't you be punished for the sheer stupidity of brazenly selling a controlled substance over the internet to a police officer? It's like having a brothel downtown and posting ads for it at the local doughnut shop. RED FLAG ANYONE?


  1. LOL! Pat McGroin!

  2. Great point! I can see Jeremy Schapp accosting Richt in the Butts Mehre parking lot. Well, probably not. But I feel confident it would be played up more with Georgia since it fits the simplistic narrative of "Thuga." As far as dirty programs, I still am holding my nose over the Cam Newton $$$$$ national title. Until I see some investigative reporting from ESPN on what actually happened, I'll never think of them as a first-rate sports news source. But I guess that will happen years from now in some 30-for-30 segment, long after the controversy has died.

  3. Isn't Mustain using USC's facilities in preparing for the NFL draft? He is no longer a student, but out of courtesy to former players don't most Universities do this? Don't think that USC should be in your headline, but you are correct when projecting to it happening at UGA. I like to counter anti-UGA articles from all attack points (including from within by deluded angry fans) simply because of the subjective media like ESPN. We have enough outside detractors without eating our own.

    Kiffin, USC, Auburn and hapless Tennessee will get their's eventually. With the addition of the overrecruiting schools we as Dawg fans should be ecstatic concerning our coach and his ethical standards. He makes us shine above the fray. HE WILL TAKE CARE OF THE LOSING DOWNER THAT WE HAVE ALL FELT THIS AND LAST YEAR ON THE FIELD. He needs our support to help the team overcome that feeling as well. This class coupled with returning players should help us to step into and enjoy the sunshine again.