Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ramik Wilson (Video of Commitment) and Nick Marshall: Two Underrated Signings

Take a look at this video of Ramik Wilson, 4-star ILB out of Tampa who signed with the Dawgs last Wednesday.

And now take a look at Nick Marshall (#14) as he lit up Turner County for 38 last Saturday night.

We're getting two very underrated guys with these two. It may be incorrect to refer to Marshall as underrated, but I think underappreciated definitely sums it up very well. With the commitment of Kent Turene, I think you'll see Ramik start out at the OLB position with his 6'3, 225 lb. frame with length. According to Keith Niebuhr of Rivals, Wilson was the biggest steal of signing day saying, "Even though he's a four-star linebacker recruit, I'm not sure people realize how good this kid is. You really have to watch him in person to see how much he can impact a game. Wilson has outside linebacker quickness in a middle linebacker frame." 

As far as Marshall, it would be hard for me to be told that there is a better football player in this year's class. In fact, there's not a better basketball player in this year's football class either. I don't think many people realize just how good he is. I might even be tempted to say that I'm more excited to see what becomes of Marshall's future than Malcolm Mitchell. Don't get me wrong, I think Mitchell is going to be a star, but Marshall has the ability to star in two sports- something that hasn't been done in quite a long time.

There's a lot to be excited about with this year's class, and it doesn't just start at the top. 

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  1. I've seen Nick Marshall play 3 times, twice against my Wesleyan team in Football and once in Basketball. He was the best athlete on the field/court and while playing defense, he caused the Wesleyan offense to ignore his side of the field, except the 2 times they threw against him which resulted in interceptions. He was fun to watch and i agree, he is a great addition to UGA. I also saw Ealey play against my Wesleyan team in the state finals 3 years ago. Our guys came back talking about how much of an attitude he was carrying. He was not the best player on the field that day.