Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday's UGA Basketball Chronicles

I promise, this should be a bit better than the Sarah Connor Chronicles, which is sort of a back-handed compliment to myself, but I digress. The win over South Carolina was a solid, necessary step toward making the big dance. In case you missed the actual game, UGA pretty much dominated from the onset, leading by 20 points at one point in the first half. Much of this was due to another HORRENDOUS shooting day by the Cocks, as they went a blistering 1-19 on threes, and shot 28.3% on all field goals. As for the Dawgs, Trey showed up, as he went for 20 and 8, and actually made 2 of 3 three point attempts; this led me to say the following: "It's about &*#^%& TIME!!!" Price played another solid game (14 and 6), and was the victim of one of two dog-cussings the team received from Fox, when he attempted an unnecessary -- albeit unselfish -- ally-oop attempt to Leslie. The other Fox tirade came at the start of second-half play when -- believe it or not -- we came out sluggish and allowed our opponent to cut into the lead. After this, the Dawgs took care of business and we even saw a little Matt Bucklin at the end.

So...where does this leave the Dawgs in the East? Take a look below:

As you can see, we currently stand tied with Kentucky for third place. As I've mentioned before, avoiding the fifth seed would ensure a first round matchup with Auburn or LSU in the SEC Tourney (as opposed to a potentially dangerous matchup with Arkansas, Ole Miss, or MSU). And perhaps more importantly, we STILL have a chance at getting the coveted two-seed, which would mean a first round bye. Granted it would be unlikely, but here is what needs to occur for us to finish 2nd:
  1. We have to win out (technically that's two things but I made it one thing so deal with it)
  2. Kentucky must beat Vandy tomorrow night, and lose at Tennessee in their final game -- certainly not impossible given how they have been home vs. away.
  3. Vandy has to lose their final two games (@Kentucky and Florida at home)
So, it's not impossible and quite frankly getting a 3-seed would not be castastrophic, as we would most likely play LSU and the West 2-seed in the second round.

As for our NCAA Tourney chances, we obviously have to hold serve at home against LSU Wednesday. If we beat Alabama, we would be a certain lock. If we beat LSU, lose to Bama, and win one in the SEC, I think we would be okay. If we only beat LSU, lose to Bama AND in the first round of the SEC Tourney, we may be sweating it out on selection Sunday.

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