Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Looks Like Flarduh Will Be Parsons-less on Thursday

Trey, how bout you come back to town with one of those 
fancy gator tooth necklaces and some swanky gator skin boots?

As the Dawgs head to Gainesville on Thursday, I hope that they're doing their best Swamp People impersonation and smelling the gator blood in the water. Since Chandler Parsons suffered a "deep thigh bruise" last week against Tennessee, his playing status has been up in the air. Eddie Munster Billy Donovan said on Monday that his team would be preparing for Georgia as if Parsons won't be able to go. His words exactly were the following (per David Jones and USA Today):

"Right now, I'm not personally overly optimistic that he'll play (against Georgia),'' Donovan said Monday. "I think in his mind he wants to play, and will try to play. But the last time he did anything physically was this past Friday and really couldn't get much done at all."

"I'm not so sure that he's going to make the progress necessary to play (on Thursday). If only we had a readily available supply of bat wings and eye of newt I'm sure I could convince Grandpa Sam to throw together a potion that would bring him up to speed. Heck Grandpa has tried just about everything down in the lab, but nothing seems to be helping."

Ok, maybe I made that last part up, but that joke is never gonna get tired. If Parsons isn't able to play, I'd expect the Gators will again look to freshman Casey Prather to man the spot left vacant by him. Prather averages almost 7 minutes per game and about 1.5 ppg and 1.1 rpg. Think of a shorter version of Marcus Thornton with a little more ability to play the 3. At any rate this means we have a distinct advantage over the position we'd be in if Parsons were in the lineup.

This could be big for a few reasons. Most of which Dawgola covered in his wrap of the UT game yesterday. If we were to get a win against Florida on the road and hold serve at home the rest of the way, a 3-seed in the conference tournament would be a very high possibility (See his 3-seed scenario for the benefits of this). It would also mean that we would likely take Tennessee's projected 8-seed in the NCAA tournament. With a 21-9 record and a late road win over Florida and the latest victory at UT, I tend to think that would weigh heavily in our favor vs. the Viles. 

While the first-round matchup in the latter scenario would be more favorable, the second-round matchup in the former situation would definitely be better. I guess that's all a moot point if we don't beat Florida or lose a game that we shouldn't in the final two weeks. Either way, the win Saturday at Knox-Vegas was really big, as it gave us quite a bit of breathing room and, hopefully, a ton of confidence. 

A win down there sure would be nice anyway. I would once again have faith that we can beat them in something.

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