Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Legion of Doom Storm on Bristol, CT: Corch Meyers Joins Jesse Palmer and Erin Andrews at ESPN

                                     Yes, that's Thorgrim's Thulsa Doom

I can imagine that you're wondering, "Where did I find such a horribly wretched song?" Well, honestly... I googled Urban Meyer and this came up. Well, maybe not right away, but eventually anyway. I felt it was accurate because every time I entered the WLOCP, I felt like James Earl Jones had his headgear on and was mounted on his black steed patrolling the Florida sideline... only it was Urban with his zip-up wind breaker on and new Nike kicks. Seriously, after the first loss down there with him at the helm I never thought we'd win again. Thanks to K&M (not that dirt bike you wanted at 12), at least we got one win.

It didn't take ESPN long to snatch up former-Gator head coach. Honestly, even though I still really don't like the guy very much (mainly from the innumerable thrashings at his hands), it's a great idea for the "Big Four Letter" mainly because of his football coaching prowess. It's hard to argue the fact that he's not one of the best X & O guys in the country and apparently he's pretty charming. (Just check out Florida's last 7 or so recruiting classes)

Like I said, I don't really like the guy very much, but that doesn't change the fact that he'll probably be a considerable upgrade over Craig James. I'm crossing my fingers hoping he gets the Tuesday night MAC games or Wednesday night Sun Belt tilts. That way I only have to hear "high-motor guy", "possession receiver", and "high-football IQ kid" from Jesse. Seriously, take a look below if you don't think Craig is bad.

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