Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last Night's AJ Twittergate Explained

Last night A.J., T.K. and Brandon Wood set the Twitterverse ablaze. I didn't know what to make of it at first other than something drastic did happen yesterday. It may have somehthing to do with Washaun Ealey, I'm not surem but needless to say, not everyone likes what is going on in Athens. Count me as intrigued by what these young men have to tweet. Trippin and UGA don't seem like a good fit in a sentence authored by the usually low-key A.J. Green. (FYI this occurred right around 10:00 last night)

And it seems we have an explanation from the ex-UGA Hoopstress Tasha Humphrey. 

The team has been forced to take part in mandatory meals together and I assume that is also linked to meal plans of sort. I like it, though it may seem a burden for the guys playing in the Red and Black. I probably wouldn't like it that much either was I in the same place. I'll just say this, I saw an awful lot of those guys eating a lot of pizza and cheeseburgers in my time at East Campus Dining Commons. At times I got to the point of thinking to myself, "Do the coaches know they eat all of this stuff?" 

I guess they do now.

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  1. they are so used to a lazy enviroment and it shows on the field. these guys have no discipline, they are too used to doing whatever they want, eating whatever they want, working out however they want. do you think alabama is giving their guys this much freedom? heck no. I'm glad mark richt is stepping up with some authority. i dont knwo if he can get them under control. They are so used to being lazy.