Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kentavious Caldwell a 2011 McDonald's All-American?

2011 McDonald’s All American Games Nominee List Released

Today at 5:00pm on ESPNU "The Big Four Letter" will unveil the 2011 McDonald's All-American Team. It's pretty much the highest honor you can get as a prep basketball player and is bestowed upon the country's 24 best players. The game started in 1977 and each National Championship winning team since that year, save the 2002 Maryland squad, has had a McDonald's All-American on the team. Pretty intriguing fact if you ask me.

If you have never taken a look at the MVP's of the game over the years you'll see that they have a lot better track record of scouting upper-tier talent than other all-star games. Here's just a quick list of a few of those MVP's:

Alonzo Mourning
Bobby Hurley
Shaquille O'Neal
Chris Webber
Shawn Bradley
Jerry Stackhouse
Kevin Garnett
J.J. Redick
Lebron James
Dwight Howard
Kevin Durant
Michael Beasley
Tyreke Evans

That's a pretty good indicator to me of the type of players that toss their hat in the ring at this particular game. From what I've heard about Kentavious' season thus far, he's earned the nod. Word is (per Dan McDonald of UGASports) that he's averaging over 30 a game. Getting a player of this type should sure do us some good next year, especially if Fox could somehow put a hex on Trey and keep him around. Yeah... I know, not happening.

At any rate, this is a big deal for Kentavious if he is selected. I'll be tuning in at 5:00 to "The U" to find out. If you're a fan of elven creatures and prep basketball be sure and don't miss this, as I'm sure Lowell Galindo will be the guy running the show.

***Also of note: Nick Marshall was also nominated for the team.***

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