Monday, February 7, 2011

Jenkins Commits to Dawgs and Destroying Offensive Linemen Around the Conference

At around 1:00 on Saturday, Todd Grantham received some great news as big JUCO NT John Jenkins committed to the Dawgs. This commitment is big for the men in the Classic City for a number of reasons.

  1. DeAngelo Tyson can move to DE. This will drastically improve our ability to stop the run, as we'll finally have a guy who will take up space and command two blockers in the middle.
  2. Simple depth. Take a look at the roster. We have two guys on the roster that have seen meaningful playing time- Abry Jones and DeAngelo Tyson. Kwame Geathers has played some, but not enough to be considered a solid contributor, though I feel he could have if given the chance last year.
  3. Momentum. I said to a friend on Wednesday that Richt HAD to finish out the class with Crowell, Turene, and Jenkins or it would be a disappointment for the fan base. We didn't need any more of that this year, of any kind (ATTENTION TEAM: This also includes arrests, grade issues, and or internal disciplinary situations that could lead to suspensions.)
Grantham had to say of the news on Saturday, “What it does is, [it] allows us to add a bigger man to the front,” Grantham said. “Because size does matter, and I think he’ll help fill a need for us.” He added to all of that by saying that Jenkins would be wearing #6 for the Dawgs, thus ensuring the tradition of linemen wearing wacky numbers in college football is continued next year. There may be a reason for this though, as Grantham said, "If you’re gonna play in the backfield, you’ve gotta have an eligible number, right?" 

I don't know about you, but I'd sure as hell like to see big #6 running that fullback trap we always seem to run unsuccessfully at the goal line now. Take a look at his highlight tape below. Yeah, that's Jenkins at 6'5 and 350 running the ball on the first play.

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