Friday, February 18, 2011

Is Our Basketball Team Better?

Sure, our overall record is better than last year, but what do the stats say about this season's team vs. last year:

Here are some key stats to compare IN CONFERENCE GAMES ONLY:

Offensive Efficiency (Points per Possession):
Last Year: 1.05
This Year: 1.05 (exact same)

Defensive Efficiency (PPP Allowed):
Last Year: 1.09
This Year: 1.01 (slight improvement)

3-Point Percentage:
Last Year: 39.6%
This Year: 40.0% (both rank/ranked first in the SEC)

Free Throw %:
Last Year: 72.1%
This Year: 74.3%

Rebounding Margin Per Game:
Last Year: +5.8
This Year: +6.8 (both good, even better this year)

Assists/Turnover Ratio:
Last Year: +0.95
This Year: +1.19 (Thanks to Ware)

So actually....yes, we are better this year. It does however, seem strange that we beat UF, Tennessee, and Vandy at home last year. But...we also had a lot of stinker road games. My point in doing this article is to show it's always a good idea to look at things objectively when your team is in a complete sucking phase. Until we show significant drop-off (record-wise and/or stat-wise), we should keep the faith in would be nice not to suffer these ridiculously gut-wrenching losses though.

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