Thursday, February 17, 2011

If You Didn't Already Know, Now You Know: Bama Fans Are A Different Class of Humanity


This Toomer's Corner drama is some of the most abject dumbassery I have ever seen. I'm sure all you know to what I'm referring, but in case you've been TRAPPED IN AN ICE CAVE somewhere on the outer reaches of Saturn's moon Titan, HERE YOU GO. If you can't way "WOW!" after reading that you may have a problem.

While I understand some disappointment with losing a football game, it's COMPLETELY INSANE to take the time to gather up herbicide, travel to Auburn, mix up said herbicide with water, poison tree, and then call into a NATIONALLY SYNDICATED talk show and brag about it. Let's not forget that he left his REAL NAME and city in which he lived. Did he really think that he wouldn't get caught? Considering this happened in Alabama, this matter also concerns another completely psychotic fanbase in the WarTigerPlainsmen. If LSU can get Timmy Tebow's phone number, I don't think it would be that much of a stretch to get this guy's address. Guess he didn't think about that one either. I'd definitely be staying away from any suspicious looking white powder-laced envelopes in my mailbox for the foreseeable future.

Being this upset about such a silly thing as this is comical. I'm just as guilty as anyone else when it comes to stewing over losses, but damn. On my way home from work yesterday I saw a homeless guy under an overpass drying his clothes. Does this really mean anything in the grand scheme of things? Don't we have a lot more to worry about than wins and losses on the football field? And anyway, who really cares if Auburn fans rolled Toomer's Corner when Bear Bryant died or put a Cam Newton jersey on a statue?

Despite all my ramblings, this isn't surprising coming from that state to our West. I mean they form lynch mobs and storm runways when new coaches are hired that don't fit their liking.

Oh yeah, and they pay players.


  1. Throwing an entire state's fan base under the bus because of some 62-year-old desturbed psyco is almost as bad as the crime itself. The state of Georgia has had its moments as well my friend...those who live in glass houses...

  2. Pointless waste of 2 minutes of my life.

  3. Can we give Alabama to Mexico?

  4. Yeah cause there are no crazyass dawg fans like this in GA. I witnessed a dumbass UGA student beat the hell out of a Bama student in Sanford as we were getting our ass handed to us in 08. Talk about dumbassery.........

  5. Believe me folks, I know about those Georgia fans as well. Don't think that I am naive enough to think that we all don't have lunatic fringes.

    As far as Alabama goes, I'm generalizing here of course. I'll have to say I have to fly my Bama flag at times for purposes I won't discuss, but I'll never cheer for a team coached by Nick Saban. As far as "rabidity factor" amongst fans, only Kentucky basketball fans rival Bama football folk. Seriously, just listen to Finebaum every day for a week and see what you come up with. It's just like comedy hour.

  6. Marvin, those Finebaum callers are not representative of the majority of the true Bama and Auburn fans that support their universities. It’s like the idiots that comment on’re the minority. BTW I live in North Carolina, and the Duke/UNC rivalry has its share of loony tunes as well. This one maniac does not represent the fan base of either Bama or Auburn.