Thursday, February 24, 2011

Florida Preview + SEC East Race

Thanks to the ever-continuing road suckage by Kentucky, the Dawgs find themselves all alone in third place (albeit very temporarily):

And with a win tonight, we would be tied for second with Vandy (technically they would be ahead of us because of the season sweep get the point). More importantly, a win tonight would give us a fighting chance at snagging the coveted two-seed in the SEC East, which means a bye in the first round of the SEC Tourney.

So what ARE our chances tonight? Well, I personally do not feel confident, but it's at least possible we can win (we are 6-point underdogs). The big question heading into this game is the availability of Florida forward, The Chandler Parsons Project. The most recent reports (twitter/FoxSports/GatorBait/Youtube/various porn sites/etc.) say that he will likely play but will not start nor see his usual array of minutes. Instead, freshman wingman Casey Prather will get the majority of Parson's minutes. Prather is more of a "defensive" player as opposed to Parsons, and will be asked to slow down Leslie on defense (translation: he will make a lot of line drive threes with weird spin on the ball, foul Leslie the whole game and not get called, and do the Tebow arm-flap thing a lot). As you can see, I'm preparing for the worst.

As for the rest of Florida's team, we all know the players; they go four deep on their frontcourt (Tyus, Macklin, Patrick Young, and Erik Murphy) and have two guards they scored 24 each in our first matchup (Walker and Boynton). It will be tough with or without Parsons.

At this point however -- given our somewhat unexpected victory at Tennessee -- a win in Gainesville would be a nice bonus...playing where the "house is money". Florida did not look sharp against LSU without Parsons, but I have to think they will be ready for this game. We don't necessarily have win this game, but it would sure make me feel comfortable about our NCAA chances.

(Here are Florida's Team Stats):

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