Monday, February 7, 2011

Coaching Update: Looks Like Richt Has Found His Man

I could've come up with some lame, corny headline about Will Friend's last name, but I don't have time for that and I'm sure you wouldn't be impressed with my persiflage. From the look of things, it appears that the current UAB OL coach has the inside track to take the same position at Georgia.

Tim Tucker also has a quick blurb on the chatter. Friend was a Parade All-American as a high-school senior at Neshoba Central HS, in Philadelphia, MS and went on to be four-year starter at guard at Alabama from 1993-1996. His collegiate coaching experience started at Georgia as a GA with Neil Callaway and then went to West Alabama and then later to Gardner-Webb. He then joined the UAB staff in 2006 and has built-up the Blazers o-line to one of the best in Conference USA.

I think this is going to be a good hire. From what I've heard he's top-notch. I called a buddy of mine who played for Friend at GWU and he said he's a great coach who definitely knows his stuff, but will come off as a complete jerk to everyone. 

Like I said, I already like this guy. We need an edge up front. I'm tired of getting ZERO push out of the five guys in the trenches. I want the meanest S.O.B's on Earth out there playing as dirty as they can without getting caught. Here's to hoping Friend can find a way to turn the lights on down there.

Also, I wanted to mention some of the comments we received on Friday about my post on Warren Belin. Thanks for reading and we appreciate that some of you took the time to comment on my ramblings.

You may think that I'm completely clueless and negative, but come on folks, I can't even eat oranges without violently vomiting from what I like to call "Pigment Malady". 

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  1. I don't want them playing as dirty as they can without getting caught. That just leads to penalities because the line to get caught is different for every officiating crew. Plus I want us to have a great program that is run cleanly. I don't want our team to play like a bunch of Nick Farley's when it comes to playing dirty. They should play clean but hard. But we for sure need our OL to have an I'm GONNA move your butt out of our way attitude.