Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chronicles of 2011 Recruiting (Multiple Tigers Involved)

In case you missed it, there were some quirky events that happened on signing day. First let's start with the Tigers from Clemson...

Despite getting offers from all the Florida powers (UF, FSU, the U), THREE five-star recruits from the state of Florida decided they would sign LOIs to Clemson yesterday (RB Mike Bellamy, LB Tony Steward, and WR Sammy Watkins). To say this if fishy would be quite the understatement. Right now, this class is the only thing keeping Dabo's head above water. The good news if he gets fired? Whoever takes over will inherit an amalgam of talent (especially by ACC standards). The bad news? If he underperforms again this season, I think it would spell doom for the Dabster (BTW, this is a prime example of why NOT to hire an assistant of a coach that you fired. This happens all the time in the NFL and it drives me crazy).

The other weird recruiting news...

Five-star offensive tackle Cyrus Khaniwfjasdajsdfh (okay I didn't feel like looking up the correct spelling) decided he would commit to Auburn, not fax in his LOI, and then say he is still undecided -- what an attention whore. Anyway, basically this is going to be a bidding war between Alabama and Auburn...during a dead period for recruiting. Meanwhile, the NCAA is circling the state of Alabama like a starved red-necked buzzard.

Also, UGA's recruiting class is now ranked 5th by, 6th by ESPN, and 6th by IF Jenkins also commits, look for the Dawgs to jump even higher.


  1. I think Auburn will bid higher for Cyrus.

  2. Whichever program has more room under their Salary cap will get Cyrus kwazemoto... I think the Aubanation will bid more. They seem to have the "troopers" to get the job done when the cash is needed

  3. Salary Cap, pretty funny. What is going to be even funnier is when Aubarn gets hooked, fried, and looses it's acreditation, and then gets punted from the SEC.We will miss you...

  4. Hey, that will open a slot for Texas A&M. That's fine with me.

  5. This is my favorite Dawgs website. Great insight, but now I am mad. Where was the coverage of the three soccer girls that signed yesterday? Have you seen them on the official web site? True recruiting coverage would include those three recruits! You should have been in Colorado. To hell with some community center in Columbus! We need what is important. Those three will bring a national championship to soccer to UGA. Josey Wales.

  6. Anon 5:23,

    Yes, I saw the soccer girls. Until I'm sure they are uh...of age...all I will say is....I'm sure they will contribute immensely on the field next season.