Monday, February 21, 2011

Boise Going to Tuscaloosa for "Professional Development" (Scouting UGA)

While this seems to come as a surprise for some, it sure doesn't strike me as anything new. The Idaho Statesman reported Friday that Boise offensive assistants and defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski are making their way to Bama sometime this week for the team's annual professional development sessions.

Apparently the link to Nicky and the Alabama staff is offensive coordinator Brent Pease's relationship with Saban and the Tide's offensive coordinator Jim McElwain. Pease played for the Oilers when Saban was a defensive backs coach there and he is "good friends" with McElwain.

Pease claims that he wants to, "see how (Alabama) used their Heisman Trophy back." It was also noted that Kwiatkowski had a lot of questions to ask Alabama coaches, including how to defend no-huddle offenses and also how to convince your players that Georgia will be attending their own f*&$ing funeral at the Dome on September 3rd.

I don't buy for a second that Boise is conveniently rolling shop down to Tuscaloosa this week for their professional development meetings. It just so happens that they run the same type of offense and defense that we do, except they do call a bit less of a pro-style game than Bobo does, but not by much. Other members of the staff will be headed to places like Ohio State, Utah State, and Utah.

It occurs to me that if they wanted to figure out how to beat us, they'd just call up Florida's equipment manager and see if they could borrow some jerseys and helmets for that weekend. It also wouldn't hurt to have a FatHead of Corch Meyers on rail going up and down the sidelines non-stop.

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