Friday, February 4, 2011

Belin Headed for Greener Sidelines Gives Clues About the Staff as a Whole

Good for Coach Belin. Taking our kick coverage teams from the outhouse to the penthouse was a heck of an accomplishment. Too bad he's leaving though. I thought he was probably the second-best coach on the team, right behind CTG.

There is a bit of a downer to this story however, and tells me a lot about some members of our staff. Belin was here for one year. Usually if you're a pretty good position coach and have a good reputation in the coaching community, you're gonna get picked off at some point to head a program. That begs the question, "Why haven't some of our coaches who have gotten a little gray behind the ears at Georgia gotten a better gig?" And don't come with that weak stuff about Garner getting a bunch of looks from UTk and Auburn a while back. Those were courtesy calls if I've ever seen any.

Hmmmm.... What do you think?


  1. Let's not read too much into a position coach, who is very good, going from a D1 program to an NFL team in a small market...a team treading water. We do not know the reasons belin left, but probably dealt with a career path he has chosen. That is good because football coaches have careers. Their formal education is the bank.
    I look at this as an opportunity for the Dawgs to bring in another top flight LB / defensive coach. There is no doubt the football program as well as others are on a bigger and better course. Based on the Forbes article the AD department is very financially sound. If I some go getter LB coach I'd be on the phone to CMR now.
    I think it is a great opportunity for the Dawgs and some highly motivated, top flight coach to come on board.

  2. Hey, I am with you about the...longevity of some of the position coaches. There does seem to be less upward ambition among the staff than we saw in the early '00s. However, UT and Auburn's recruitment of Garner were far more than courtesy calls. Far more.

    Now, LSU's dance with Searles? Probably so, or he'd probably be gone by now.

  3. He's taking a similar position for the NFL. This isn't a lateral move at all. And position coaches don't usually become head coaches. That's for coordinators. BVG became a head coach, didn't like it, and is now a top DC in the NFL. Willie, well, we know what became of Willie. And for Bobo, he's still very young. Doesn't mean he won't be a head coach one day. I am confident that CTG will be. So I'm kind of confused by this article.

  4. I have always said that it shows a lot about our program that we never hear rumors about Bobo being pursued by other programs! Searels never lived up to the hype, but I will miss Belin because i think he silently did a great job last year

  5. Never heard of "a courtesy call" when recruiting coaches. So let me get this straight; when you hire for a position there's a list of less-than-desired coaches to call as some sort of "Bless you, loser" courtesy to make them look good to the sunshine bandwagon fans of that team?

    You really reach beyond what should be an objective view and write as if you have a negative blog you meant to post your remarks to instead of writing a meaningful article. You can't even get a reply to the innuendo you went fishing with and that is poor.

    Good Lord!! The sun is shining and some of you are walking around with umbrellas that say, "The Sky Is Falling!". Pitiful!

  6. cojones I agree 100%....this is another clueless blogging post that wants attentention and this is the only way they get it thru negativity. Most of the post on this site are clueless and negative. I would bet there is a gator in the closet somewhere??

  7. And I'll bet you are right.