Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aaron Murray's Offseason Spraining Program

For rule #34,593 why soccer should not be played in the United States, CLICK HERE. For the cliffnotes version, allow me: Murray sprained his ankle playing a pick-up soccer match. There is good news however; it doesn't appear to be too severe and he might be able to participate in spring practice a couple of weeks from now.

What this also means is that we should get a good first look at incoming frosh Christian LeMay (who didn't play his senior year of high school because he was suspended) as well as Hutson Mason during the spring. I must say that it is at least a LITTLE concerning that Murray got injured. If you remember, he broke his leg during his senior season of high school only to make a triumphant return in time for the playoffs. It is encouraging that he made it through one entire college season without injury however (despite getting rammed in the back Himalayan mountain goat style via Nick Fairley).

So, all in all, this doesn't appear to be anything too severe, but you never know with these ankle sprains (cough....cough...Trey Thompkins....cough).

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