Monday, January 3, 2011

Weis' Run on Gainesville Causes Inadvertent Shortage of Sweatshirts/pants

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The Gators jumped in the assistant pond and came out with a real BIG fish of a hire this weekend. Weis will be headed down to Gator Land after the states of Kansas and Missouri banned him from every Super China Buffet around. From the looks of it, he'll be leaving the staff immediately to join Will Muschamp's developing Legion of Doom.

If you wanna talk about quality hires, this would have to be at the top of the assistants list over the last few years. NFL assistants simply don't make lateral moves to college football. While Corso makes a very interesting point, this could be very good for the Gators. I've heard that the only reason this happened is that Haley pretty much runs the offense himself and Weis really had no autonomy whatsoever. There's a much higher probability he becomes a head coach again if he's able to succeed at Florida. Hell, Steve Addazio got a head coaching job, so why couldn't Weis again?

This looks to me to be a home run for the Gators. While his head coaching resume may not be the best, he is one of the best offensive coaches around. Once again, we're way, way behind on the Gators. Corso comments from a former head coach are interesting, though. I wouldn't want Jim Walton working for me if he suddenly became penniless and I just inherited Target.

In any case, Weis will make the Gators far better than they were this year on offense. If you put Bobo and Weis in a room together who do you think would prevail in a "Scheme to the Death" match? By the way, considering Weis' and Bobo's offensive philosophies, I'm going to set the over at 246 play-action pass attempts at the Cocktail Party next season.

Damn. Gators advantage.... again.

In other, less notable, news Maryland has hired Randy Edsall as head coach. I don't guess they saw that raping I watched for 2.5 hours the other night.

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