Thursday, January 6, 2011

We Really Started Out 2011 With a Bang

In the words of Quan Bray, "WAR EAGLE BABY! WAR EAGLE BABY! WAR EAGLE BABY!" Once again, the entire state of Alabama poo-poos on it's more majestic neighbor to the East. "The Dream Team" is still looking like a possibility, but we sure didn't make any headway toward it last night.

Xzavier Dickson, who would've been a nice pawn for Todd Grantham to move around in Florida's backfield next year, will be headed to Alabama some time in the summer. This makes Ray Drew a very, very important part of what could be our 2011 class. I didn't see anything at all out of Dickson at the GACA game last week, but he's been tearing it up this week in Florida. It's a big loss for the Dawgs, as our depth at outside linebacker consists of a bunch of guys who couldn't get on the field much this year because of injuries.

As I figured, Quan Bray will be headed for Auburn. It makes sense for him and I don't blame him a bit. Have you seen how we use playmakers of late? End-arounds and bubble screens with the occasional direct snap. It doesn't turn out to be a "play-making" play. Gus Malzahn will take this kid, should he still be around, and turn him into an electric offensive weapon. Not to diss Bobo, but would you rather run plays for Malzahn or the former Georgia QB? I'm taking the guy from Auburn. Really can't blame this kid. I do wish he would've come to Georgia, but he's in Troup County, which is about 30-45 minutes from Auburn.

I did expect to get Dickson, so I was a little disappointed, but there are still a slew of uncommitted members of the 2011 class who would still make this class one of the best in UGA history. Malcolm Mitchell, Jay Rome, Ray Drew, Damian Swann, and Isaiah Crowell would still make a hell of a class should we get them. Add in a stout JUCO NT in John Jenkins and the Dawgs have addressed some desperate needs. We still do need to find some help at WR and CB, but I don't have any idea where that would come from at this point.


  1. Let's take a step back and take off the "red and black" colored glasses for a second. Did you REALLY expect that we were going to land either one of these kids? Personally, i don't blame them one bit. Who would want to walk into the mess that we have going on? Losing record aside, they are smarter than we think, and know that Richt's days are few. I just don't understand our Athletic Director postponing the decision. It's only setting us back for another year by hanging on to false hope. You can see from his press conference yesterday that he has NO CLUE. Like in "AA", first you have to admit you have a problem, and he hasn't done that yet. The fact he refuses to let staff changes be an option shows me he's going down with the ship. He can't coach anymore, he can't discipline successfully, he can't motivate, and now it's obvious he can't recruit either. This is very sad, and i always hoped we'd have him for 25 years, but it's time for him to go. He does not deserve the opportunity to run our program further in the dirt.

  2. I believe Bray's exact comments were "woa egull baybii"-- though i didnt expect him either, and Auburn is a better fit for him.

    Dickson is kind of a good-bad in my book. If he really considered UGA-BAMA to be even, then at least we were there at the end for him. thats the good. We lost him, thats the bad. If he really did choose Bama over a "coin flip" then I would say we got what we needed. I REALLY WANTED him in athens, but if he didnt WANT to come to us, and only came over a coin flip, then he may not have been happy as a dawg.

    As much as we need big time recruits..we need people who WANT to be a dawg and LOVE UGA. I will take a 3 start with love for us over a 5 star who dont give a agents sniff for us.

    that being said, I want a GREAT recruiting class this year, with some big time players in it, but i want them to want GA...not just a one sided love.

    Keep up the good work

  3. Those two kids seemed about as dumb as dirt, how some of these guys ever pass high school, much less college courses, is beyond me. It is a joke. What has America become. Anyway, GO Dawgs. Good luck to those boys in their future.