Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vols and Gators: Spittin' Mad Flow and Rolling Up Dro

Guess what? Florida players got caught with weed! I know, you can't believe what you just heard. I wasn't surprised either after I heard the two of these stories. Renaldo "Swiper Boy" Woolridge and Janoris "Cheeba Boy" Jenkins both made headlines today after displaying some less than stellar judgment by Woolridge and a penchant for smokable Speed Turf by Jenkins. 

Starting in Knoxville, it was reported by the Knoxville News-Sentinel yesterday that Woolridge was permitted access to a special restricted portion of the New Amsterdam Bar and Grill at 1836 Columbia Avenue to shoot a video. This came just 8 hours after the Vols returned from Connecticut Sunday morning. Here's what the NCAA may think about this:

"According to NCAA bylaw, student-athletes are not permitted to receive preferential treatment, benefits or services 'because of the individual's athletics reputation or skill or pay-back potential as a professional athlete, unless such treatment, benefits or services are specifically permitted under NCAA legislation.'" (Gribble/Ramey, KN-S)

While I don't think this is a huge deal in and of itself, it just goes to show you what Knoxville and UTk is made of. After the basketball program has been in such turmoil over the last few months, you'd think that these guys would smarten up a bit. Not so fast my friend, this is Knoxvegas baby.

I guess we all know now why Janoris Jenkins passed on the draft earlier this month... he couldn't pass the drug test. Anyone remember Percy Harvey and Aaron Hernandez's test results coming out of Florida? You guessed it... FAIL! The thing about this isn't that they're doing it, but it's the fact that the Gators are doing it, Urban knew, and he didn't do anything about it. Just ask Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.... I mean... Wondy Pierre-Louis, who claims that at least 75% of the 2006 team toked it up regularly and perhaps even more who wouldn't admit to it. 

Here's the details on Jenkins arrest. This looks like to me the standard "internal discipline" used for non-felonies at Florida. This is Jenkins second run-in with the law after being tased in May of 2009 for his role in a fight/brawl outside of a Gainesville club. He received a "deferred sentence" (or dropped charges) as a result of the misdemeanors. 

If this were a Georgia player, I don't believe he'd be on the team after arrest number two. Frankly, I wouldn't want him to be. Because Florida gets away with things like weapons charges, weed possession, and buying stuff with a deceased girl's credit cards, I don't expect much different here. Just in case you need to hear a few more of the jewels from Alachua County, look no further than THIS ARTICLE (caution, it's done by one of those fans of that other really ugly orange team mentioned above). THIS ONE is also pretty good. 

Now that I've spread the bad news for our rivals, I'm sure that I've thoroughly jinxed the Dawgs. 

I sure hope not.

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  1. IM shocked. Shocked that they would even do something like that... everyone knows that UGA is the one with all the criminals right?

    All this emerging from an alley, and driving wrong way on a scooter, and being out too late, and the always horrible NO LICENSE...

    As you can see, they will probably get away with it while UGA is the accused "out of control" program.

    Theres MUCH more going on in these other schools, only thing is Barney Fife isnt the county deputy there.