Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Uh Oh...Breaking Down the Dawgs Tourney Chances

Last night's game stung a little bit...hence...we didn't post an article until 2:00 this afternoon. Actually, it stung worse than the Tennessee game. Here's why: If the ref had called an over the back on Tennessee's guy, Chris Barnes would still have to have made at least one free throw...not a gimme. Otherwise, it would have gone into overtime and we could have lost. The Florida game on the other hand, was brutal because a midget jacked an off-balance thirty footer which was a 1 out of 10 shot...and made it. And when you compound that Tennessee loss onto this one...put our team on "basketball suicide watch". I don't really know what that means either.

Anyway, the fact is we lost, and now we have to start really dissecting our upcoming schedule. Because as of right now, I say we're squarely on the bubble. Here are our next few games:

1/29 @Kentucky
2/2 @Arkansas
2/5 Auburn
2/8 Xavier

Okay, assuming we lose to Kentucky Saturday, the Arkansas game now becomes quite large. By losing to Kentucky we would be 3-4 in conference play. A win over Arky would put us back to 4-4 heading into a complete gimme (fingers crossed) home game against Auburn. That would put us at 5-4 with a solid but not outstanding Xavier team coming in. That is a very reasonable scenario that would make me feel a WHOLE lot better about our chances.

A this point, it's the @Arkansas, @South Carolina, and @Alabama games that become important. These are games that we have a very solid chance to win, and would help our tourney resume. The @Kentucky, @Florida, and @Tennessee just can't count on a win there. Our RPI is currently #47 and our SOS is #49. With a few solid...not even great...but solid wins, we will be on the inside looking out (that's a phrase that is never used be should be used more often)


  1. Enjoy your website, nice job.

    I must quibble with one thing though ... Walker's 3 was not off balance. It happened not 25 feet directly in front. From the time he touched the ball, he was coming directly at me, and I could see his face well.

    Sure, it was a full speed jumper, so he was moving R to L, but it was the shot he wanted. THAT was HIS shot. The whole time he had that exact spot in mind. He could have gotten closer. No telling how many times he's practiced it.

    Certainly, there was no luck involved. It happened right in front of my eyes. All we can do is take our hats off to Walker, he played great the whole game.

    And regret we didn't foul him before he got to midcourt.


  2. Ivey Leaguer,

    Thanks for the kind words about the website. My point about Walker far as three point shots go....that was not an ideal for Florida. Sure, Chris Barnes could not have made that shot but...Walker was at least a LITTLE fortuitous in making it given its long distance. And yes, in hindsight we should have hacked him. (I still think was Vince Williams fault but we'll never know exactly what Fox wanted)