Monday, January 31, 2011

UGA Hoops Update

As predicted by many, the Dawgs went down to Kentucky this weekend 66-60....actually they geographically went up, but went down metaphorically speaking. In case you didn't see the first half...good for you. The Dawgs came out uninspired, which allowed Kentucky to build a 17-point first half lead. But after being down by 15 at halftime, the Dawgs fought back, cutting the lead to six with about 2 minutes left....then, after Kentucky tried to let us back in it...we gave it right back with some stupid turnovers and stupid missed shots.

The two most prominent catalysts in the Dawgs demise were our two best players -- Thompkins and Leslie. Though I must admit, I'm not sure Leslie is our second-best player at this point. He continuously disappears during big games for large stretches and still cannot shoot consistently from the outside. As for Trey...oh God he was horrible. Bad defense. Couldn't shoot (2-10 on FG), and no discernible leadership presence in my opinion (in fact, I think Ware is by far our best leader -- Trey's leadership consists of complaining to the officials). Combined, Leslie and Thompkins were 2-17 from the field with 7 turnovers. It's going to be pretty tough to win against anyone when they put up those numbers.

But as I said earlier, I expected a loss and our team did not disappoint. SO, with that loss we are now 3-4 in conference play, as we enter a five-game stretch in which all the games are winnable:

@Arkansas (going to be tough)
Auburn (if we lose this I might shoot myself)
Xavier (not an easy game)
@South Carolina

Given our recent home losses, we are going to have to find a way to win some of these "coin-flip" road games. The Arkansas game is a pivotal point in our season -- we've lost 3 out of our last 4 games, and another loss could send us into DEFCOM 1 panic mode. There is a BIG difference between 3-5 and 4-4 (especially heading into the Auburn game). Let's hope we "fix the glitch" Wednesday in Fayetteville.

As for the women...I think they still have a team.

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  1. Nice take on the game, I agree 100%. TT was horrible, no other way to describe it.