Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Big Gets For Richt and Co.

As most of you have probably heard, BOTH Jay Rome and Malcolm Mitchell of Valdosta pledged their Dawg allegiance last night. This is a HUGE get for not only the Bulldog nation, but for Mark Richt as well. Because uh...I wrote a pretty pessimistic article about him yesterday. So I think these commitments at least temporarily quells the disdain from most Georgia fans. Anyway, we still have two more big slices of quiche left in the pan (Ray Drew and Isaiah Crowell) so Richt probably has another stay of execution until signing day.

For those not familiar with recruiting, here is a little profile on the two commitments from last night:

Jay Rome (TE Valdosta) -- 6'5'' 255 lbs. According to, he was the #4 Tight End in the country, and the number 56 overall player. ('s number were very similar, and ESPN had him rated as the #1 TE and the #18 overall player. Needless to say, he was highly coveted.

Malcolm Mitchell (DB/WR Valdosta) -- 6'1 187 lbs. He is the #1 cornerback according to and the # 30 overall player. Scout has him as the #7 Cornerback, and ESPN has him as the #45 overall player. It is still a little unclear where he will play, as he is adept at Wide Recevier as well.

Now...we just have two more to go. Let's hope that borderline unethical move by Richt to offer Isaiah Crowell's teammate will pay off!


  1. We now need Jenkins, Crowell,and Drew,to commit to the Dream Team. The comment you made borderline unethical move is BS. While Quintavious Harrow may not have all the stars by his name, I'll bet he'll make a positive contribution on the field worthy of his scholarship. The fact that Crowell is his best friend means Richt is playing the game the way you have to, in order to compete in the SEC. If you want to discuss unethical moves look at the coaches who are over-signing!

  2. quiche????


  3. Tee Man,

    No doubt other coaches do worse things...but Harrow had ZERO other offers so it was at least a little iffy.


    You don't like quiche?!?!??!

  4. Harrow had been being recruited for a long time by Georgia, and he himself said " the offer came the same week I got my test scores I needed"

    call it what we want, its still less shady than oversigning like Saban, Miles, Nutt, or funnelling money through the FCA ala Auburn.

    These are 2 big scores, and Richt won over Saban....TWICE.

  5. I wouldn't call it unethical. I'd call oversigning and looking to cut kids unethical. Looks like the kid can play some so we'll see. What I do know is that he won't get signed and then have a mysterious injury force him off the team.