Monday, January 10, 2011

So Long, A.J.

A.J. Green announced yesterday that he will be entering the NFL draft this spring. My thoughts? Smart decision, especially when you consider Andrew Luck is coming back to Stanford next season, and the fact that...well...A.J. will be a top 5 pick.

As for his college career, I think it is quite obvious that he was the most dominating Georgia player at his position since Herschel. Better than the Davids, better than Champ (although this is a BOLD statement), and better than Stafford or Moreno. But, unlike the Davids, A.J. was never part of a championship team (not his fault), and missed multiple games in his final two years due to injury and/or suspension. His final numbers were 166 receptions for 2619 yards and 23 touchdowns, so I think he did his part. He played hard for his team, always showed up in big games, and felt really really bad about that jersey thing. So...he's certainly a DGD in my book an will never be forgotten.

Where does he fit in the draft? He is currently listed as the #3 overall player in the draft according to Mel Kiper @ESPN, behind only DE Da'Quan Bowers (Clemson), and DT Nick Fairley (I think we all know about this guy). Scouts inc., has him listed as their fourth best player behind those two and CB Patrick Peterson from LSU.

Since most of the draft order has been established, and it appears doubtful that he will fall past the number five pick in the draft, here are the teams with top five picks:
  1. Carolina (might take a look a AJ since no Luck)
  2. Denver (needs a big play receiver...could reunite him with Knowshon)
  3. Buffalo (Definitely needs a big-time receiver. Their best WR used to be the third best receiver for Kentucky a couple of years ago)
  4. Cincinnati (doubtful destination considering that have TO and Ocho)
  5. Arizona (this could be a deadly combo with Fitzgerald already there)
Regardless, he will get a lot of money no matter where he goes, and barring injury, will be an absolute star at the next level:

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  1. Another UGA star, another star that never played for just an SEC Title