Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Should Auburn's Triumph Give Us Hope?

Another college football season...another SEC national champion -- not named Georgia. But what is unique about Auburn versus the previous SEC winners, is that they were somewhat "under the radar" the begin this season. Nobody could see the Cam Heisman thing coming, nor the possessed, angry, minotaur imitating Nick Fairley either. What also helped Auburn was a pretty favorable schedule -- their toughest road game was at Alabama, which occurred at the end of the season when Auburn was rolling on offense. In all, Auburn only had to play four true road games --at Miss. st., at Kentucky, at Ole Miss, and then Alabama -- pretty manageable considering it's the SEC. So what would the optimist say about UGA next year?...
  • For one, like AU this year, we only have four true road games: at Tennessee, at Ole Miss, at Vandy, and at GT. Again, considering it's the SEC, that's not bad at all.
  • Even the opener against Boise is somewhat of a home game based on geography.
  • The Florida game, although I'm certainly not expecting a victory based on recent history, now becomes an unpredictable wildcard game based on their coaching turnover. And given how we've been against UF lately, I'll take a wildcard game any day versus a beat-down.
  • We already have a competent QB. This is an obvious key to us having a great season.
  • Our three West games -- Ole Miss, Miss St., and Auburn, are probably the three worst teams next year. (Before your kill me, let's face it, Auburn will drop off a little without Newton next year)
  • Mark Richt's job in squarely on the line. This is inarguable in my opinion. Let's hope he is desperate to stay at UGA.
Auburn came out of nowhere this year. Let's hope UGA can duplicate. Sure, we need a few pieces, but...someone has to come out of the East next year.

(Quick disclaimer: I could easily write an article tomorrow on why our team sucks and we'll suck next year too so...embrace the optimism while it's prevalent)


  1. LOL! I love the optimism.

  2. Hope for what ?

    The Florida game is an unpredictable wildcard game based upon our total lack of any coaching changes ?

    2-8 vs Florida would seem to suggest otherwise.

    # 72 in 1st Downs this season

    1.9 yards a carry on 87 rushes Aaron Murray

    # 56 total offense

    # 55 in 3rd down conversions

    # 62 at being sacked Aaron Murray

    lost 7 games the most since we lost 7 in 1957