Thursday, January 20, 2011

Searles, Recruiting, and More

With Stacy Searles leaving for Texas yesterday and Georgia fans' general discontent with the state of the program, today's announcement by Jay Rome and Malcolm Mitchell now becomes pretty big for Mark Richt. Why is it huge? Because if these guys (throw Drew and Crowell into this) choose anything but Georgia, what kind of momentum does our 6-7 team have? Uh, that would be ZERO.

And Searles' departure comes at a weird time to me. Maybe he sees a looming downfall of the program. Maybe he thinks Mark Richt has become too complacent and content. Or it could be a simple reason: more money, ability to attract better players, desire to sweat his a$$ off even more in his XXXL sized sweatshirt in the Texas sun. I don't know. Georgia fans have been pretty critical of Searles because of his decision. Honestly, in many ways, I don't really blame him.

So who will be the replacement? Oh sure, the "Disney Dawgs" will be all pumped about...whoever we end up hiring. It will give us hope! I won't be in that group. Yes, there is a plethora of qualified candidates to replace Searles; former Dawg (and Searles predecessor at UT, Mac McWhorter), former Donnan assistant and Tulane head coach Chris Scelfo, about 10,000 qualified 1-AA assistants, and even candidates at the NFL level. But that won't change much. It has to be Richt.

Let's put it in "Corperate Hierarchy" terms:

M. Adams = Chairman of the Board
Season Ticket Holders = Shareholders
Richt = CEO
Bobo/Grantham = Vice Presidents
All our position coaches = various department managers
the players = work on the assembly line

Are our problems going to vanish by hiring a different accounting manager? Nope. It's Richt's company and HE has to change it. I'm not really sure how but it's not my job.


  1. Whats your thoughts on Art Kehoe? I heard he is still in coaching at the UFL now and I'm sure UGA could throw better money. Former coach of Richt at Miami, championship guy, toughness and enthusiasim could be put back into our Oline. Saw him on "The U" 30 for 30, seems to be in good spirits and energy wise, still something left in the tank.

  2. Hmmm, could be another good option.