Thursday, January 27, 2011

Richt's Best Recruiting Class?

Well, it could be with a little help (i.e. Drew, Crowell, and Jenkins). Going back and looking at the rankings year by year, I am tempted to say this COULD be our best class ever (on paper anyway...a lot of these guys from past years didn't pan out.) So, I decided to look at our top six recruits in terms of ACUTAL PRODCUTION (yes, I know six is a bit arbitrary but deal with it) each year since 2002, in order to see where this potential class of 2011 fits:

2002: (Rivals ranking - #3) But part of that ranking was because of our five-star commit, Marquis Elmore (Mudcat) so...yeah. Our best six in terms of actual production were: Max Gene-Gillis, Tim Jennings (a two-star), Tony Taylor, Cedric Golston, Demario Minter, and Quinton Moses. This class had a whopping 31 commitments. Not a bad group but not a lot of offensive weapons.

2003: (Rivals ranking - #6 ) Paul Oliver, Sean Bailey, Kregg Lumpkin, Leonard Pope, Odell Thurman, and Marcus Howard. (Also had Nick Jones, Flowers and Velasco)

2004: (Rivals ranking - #6 ) Thomas Brown, Charles Johnson, Kelin Johnson, Brannon Southerland, Danelle Ellerbe, and Chester Adams. Pretty weak class really...Danny Ware and Kenny Harris were also in the class.

2005: (Rivals ranking - #10 ) Mohammed Massaquoi, Jeff Owens, C.J. Byrd, Kade Weston, Rod Battle, and Mike Moore. Only 17 commits in this class.

2006: (Rivals ranking - #4 ) Matt Stafford, Asher Allen, DeMarcus Dobbs, Reshad Jones, Darryl Gamble, [edit: Knowshon], and Prince Miller. Really good class which included Durham and Geno too.

2007: (Rivals ranking - #9 ) Rennie Curran, Clint Boling, Justin Houston, Drew Butler, Vince Vance, and Aron White. Not a great class by comparison to other years.

2008: (Rivals ranking - #7 ) A.J. Green, Ben Jones, Brandon Boykin, Cordy Glenn, Blair Walsh, and Bacarri Rambo. So-so class overall but A.J. almost counts as two guys.

2009: (Rivals ranking - #6 ) We're getting to the point of TBA but I'll try my best -- Orson Charles, Aaron Murray, Washaun Ealey, Abry Jones, Branden Smith, and Shawn Williams. Like I said, TBA with the exception of Murray and Charles.

2010: ( Rivals ranking - #15 ) I think it's safe to say Olgetree will by good. But other than him, it is a little dicey. I think Stripling will be good, along with Derek Owens, Kenarious Gates, and Garrison Smith. Again, this is a very "TBA" class.

2011: (Rivals ranking - #9 as of NOW ) Theoretically, it COULD be Crowell, Drew, Mitchell, Rome, Swann, and Jenkins. And I'm leaving off Nick Marshall, Sterling Bailey and Christian Lemay. Based on the previous classes, if these guys turn out (which they probably won't), I say it's Richt's best. But first they have to know...sign with us.

(Quick Note: I probably put on/left off some wrong people so feel free to correct any "top six" you disagree with)


  1. Is knowshon not on a list?

  2. ....I told you I'd miss somebody. Of course he should be. (Edit: Added Knowshon)