Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Richt is Doing the Right Things

Marcus is probably the last person I'd want to make angry on the team.

I knew this would inevitably happen. Mark Richt would make some good decisions, I would hear good things about the team from players, and the season would officially close with the BCS Championship, then I'd be convinced the Dawgs would be doing the things necessary to win big next year. It just comes with uncertainty and optimism.

One of the decisions that Richt made yesterday gave me just a little more hope for next year. Marcus Dowtin, ILB and part-time 1/4 of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, was granted an unconditional release from his scholarship at UGA. Whether or not this was because of the incident that was uncovered last week isn't known, but apparently Dowtin has been thinking about transferring for a while now. Best of luck to him, but my feelings aren't hurt from his departure.

This is another example of addition by subtraction. This team has enough problems with winning games and adding more potential character issues are more than we need to worry about. Dowtin has always maintained a bad attitude and has often expressed his displeasure with his lack of playing time. Calling out coaches and displaying a general lack of respect for everyone is at the very least concerning. This has become an issue this season and was supposedly the reason he didn't play in the Liberty Bowl.

The bottom line is, there isn't room for guys with character concerns and grade issues in Athens. I don't want to be part of the Fulmer Cup this year and Greg McGarity and Mark Fox don't either. I've never had a lot of use for guys who complain about their spot in line, in any use of the phrase. For those of you who might point to Nick Williams as an instance of this as well, his is a completely different situation. It's the coaches fault that they can't find a place to put the kid. We can all agree that he has some talent and would probably find playing time elsewhere, thus I don't blame him for looking to transfer. If his dream is to play in the NFL, he stands the best chance to do that if he's actually playing. If he still wants to stay here and stick it out, he's a DGD either way.

The point of all this rambling is Richt is doing this the right way. As I said last week, his future revolved around this decision. You've got to get the point across to your team that attitudes like this won't be tolerated. Doing that without going overboard is important. He hasn't embarrassed these young men and he's politely told them, "Thanks, but no thanks." Yet again he's slowly winning me over in the offseason. Make sure and take note of this when I'm all torn up and demanding heads roll at about 11:30 on September 3rd.


  1. Do you blame Richt for "allowing" Dowtin to transfer. Mark Weizer reported at ABH, that Dowtin had a run in with a coach during the practices leading up to the debacle that was the Liberty Bowl. Then to add insult to injury, Dowtin (although many of us knew 2 to 3 days ahead of Richt), about the arrest. This was in May and I guess Dowtin felt he had no obligation to tell the coaches. Absolutely, Richt made the right decision.

    Lets hope that any of Richt's player that don't buy-in, get in trouble....get the same swift action.

  2. It would appear that someone has told CMR you need to free up some scholarships. Why keep high maintenance players on a roster? A coach is there to coach and not nurse along a group of immature, undisciplined players. I think CMR has learned a very hard lesson this year and season. I like Green, but how many games did he actually play the past 2 seasons. If I'm a NFL coach and general manager I seriousily have to weigh his cost / investment to what he can produce over a much longer and more physically challenging pro season. The other player I would put a very bright light on would be King. But this is where I have issues with CMR. And this is the question I have for him. Where have you been for the past 3 seasons? Bet that is the question the AD has too. The AD put CMR on notice with that I have relieved you of the admin functions. Says one thing for sure. The AD will have much more say about who stays on the team and who leaves based on the teams past history and the decisions of the HC.

  3. The right things from Mark Richt would include having a Fullback, a Tailback, an OL, a DL, a Secondary, wide-outs, an offensive play caller, doing something about all the walk-ons on the kick-off return team, not starting the new year with yet another of Mark Richt's recruits arrested / suspended / kicked off / transferred off the team, and not having more BAD PRESS as this 2011 year has already been marked with January 4, 2011 as Marcus Dowtin whom Mark Richt had to know had grade issues and character issues or Marcus Dowtin would not have been at Fort Union Military Academy when he recruited him here.

    The administration threw Zach Witchett a curveball January 6, after Mark Richt had promised Zach Witchett that his scholarship was intact here waiting for him. Zach had been thrown off his high school team.

    Mark Richt also promised another recruit, Christian LeMay, that his scholarship was intact here waiting for him too. He too was thrown off his high school team, involving a 14-year old girl in a classroom witnessed by the Principal.

    Clearly, the Signing Date for recruits 2 Thursdays from now will be met with more BAD PRESS with others Mark Richt wanted to Minister to here, not being allowed in to The University of Georgia.

    I am quite certain there will be a long string of excuses for those who do not qualify again this year, amid other statements that we will not miss the 4th leading tackler on a sorry defense, while Marcus Dowtin accomplished finding only 3 more on the entire team with more tackles when he really was not given very many snaps to do that in.

    I shudder to consider what September 3 will look like 9 months from now, as we line up against Boise State without more players SUSPENDED between now and then quite obviously.

    It is disconcerting to read that this is doing it the right way with no players and no coaches, 1 day after Fran Tarkenton said exactly the opposite. But, I digress because Fran never was any good at football, is a bad person, doesn't know anything about UGA football, and himself a preacher's son - is just out to Crucify Mark Richt as really nothing more than a Missionary.

    After all, it was just 1 bad year ( most losses by UGA since 7 losses in 1957 ), so we can all just forget Mark Richt is # 8 vs SEC all 10 years he has been here compared to the other coaches in the SEC in the BCS era, 3-9 vs Top 10 final AP Poll teams his entire 10 years here, and # 23 in won /los over the last 5 years.

    We are all set to win the NC 2011. Wonderful.