Monday, January 17, 2011

McShay and Kiper's Top-5 QB's for 2011: Beware, Lunacy Ahead

Really? He's underrated at #6 on the Top-32?

Because Andrew Luck has decided to forgo about $30 million in guaranteed money and return to Stanford next year, the so-called NFL Draft experts Todd McShay and Mel Kiper have been hard at work updating their mock draft boards. It's probably the dumbest move ever by a college football player, but nonetheless it will give some poor other hapless QB in this year's draft the opportunity to be highly overdrafted and cost some team it's pot-o-gold.

I'm not saying that Luck would have been overdrafted, but it looks to me like this QB is extremely weak past what would've been Luck at No. 1. Just look at what Kiper and McShay have as their top-5 quarterbacks for 2011:
  1. Blaine Gabbert: Missouri
  2. Cam Newton: Auburn
  3. Ryan Mallett: Arkansas
  4. Jake Locker: Washington
  5. Pat Devlin: Delaware
While I certainly couldn't qualify as a draft expert, it doesn't take a whole lot to realize that if you think Blaine Gabbert is worthy of a top-10 pick, you've been in the sauce way, way too long. Just look at the kid's STATS*. Might I remind you that these came in a spread offense in the Big-12, where they don't play a whole lot of defense. I can't fathom how they watch a game with this guy playing QB and think that he's worthy of a first-round draft pick. At Texas Tech this year, he was 12/30 for 95 yards. Watch the Insight Bowl highlights if you're not convinced. Also complicating this situation is the fact that he's never taken a snap from under center. Hello?!?!?

I just don't understand this draft hype with these "experts". When I look at a TV and say to myself, "Gosh, this guy sucks," do McShay and Kiper say, "My goodness, he has arm strength, is mobile, but is just is having a tough time getting into a rhythm tonight. FIRST-ROUNDER!!!!" Hell, they think Jake Locker is worthy of a first round pick. That will be the worst $3-6 million that any team will ever spend.

I just wish these guys would temper their excitement for guys who have "measurables" or huge stats. If I were picking players, I'd go through and look at film on every team and pick out the guys that make me say, "Wow, he's a good football player," not the one who makes me say, "Damn, that guy can evade a sack and throw it 800 mph, but he didn't recognize the zone blitz and telegraphed it right to the defensive end."

I guess they get caught up in the "star" hype too.

*Stats courtesy of


  1. Mel Kiper has proven to be fraudulent with his connection to agents. Nobody should listen to a word he says. Kiper is bad news for college football.

  2. Cam will make a bad TE.

  3. Kiper has been at espn for 30 yrs. If he knew half as much as he thought he would be making tens of millions working for Jerry Jones or someone. It says alot about him that he has been at espn that long and not in the actual NFL at all.