Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mark Richt's Future Resides in Clinton, MD

For those of you who didn't know, Marcus Dowtin didn't play in the Liberty Bowl. For a few days folks pondered his absence from the lineup, but yesterday the reason for him missing the bowl was uncovered. Courtesy of Dawg Sports and the DelMarva Media Group:

Marcus Jafar Dowtin, 21, of the 6000 block of Clinton Manor Drive, Clinton, Md., was charged with assault second degree. The charge was placed on the stet docket. 

From what I can gather, this incident happened last May when Dowtin knocked a man unconscious in a bar fight. How this got past the folks at EDSBS and the Fulmer Cup, I'll never know. We could have extended our winning margin this year, dadgumit. The case was resolved and placed on the state's "stet docket" which is the Maryland's version of the Georgia "dead docket" as MaconDawg informed me. This means that the case will most likely be dismissed unless the guilty party displays any other poor conduct.

Regardless of whether or not the case was in effect dismissed, Mark Richt needs to make a decision here. If you're unfamiliar with Dowtin, he has often displayed a bad attitude and has openly criticized the coaches for lack of playing time. Couple this with his bar fighting chops, and things start to look a lot more than suspect. 

I know this is a 21 year-old kid, but looking in from the outside, this isn't a guy who is helping his team by his example. If you wanna complain about playing time, get in bar fights, and have a bad attitude, find somewhere else to play. I'm tired of this type of mindset at Georgia. Richt needs to make a tough decision here and set an example for his team. Behavior like this won't be tolerated even if you're the best player on the team. Whether or not he lets Dowtin find somewhere else to play will give me an even better idea if he has the ability to make the decisions necessary to right the ship. I don't think he passed on the S&C test and he'll have another opportunity with this incident. 

The bottom line is UGA doesn't need any more problems. We've got enough already and players who have a bad attitude, are reluctant to get their academic house in order, and can't stay away from trouble need to make their way someplace else. These are easy things to do if you actually care about yourself and those around you. Hearing these type of things both infuriate and sadden me. I'm infuriated because it's so easy to just do the right things and make reasonable decisions. I'm saddened because this kid has so much talent and the ability to change his life and his family's forever, but he is on the edge of throwing it away because he can't make good choices.

It's sad, but at some point you have to draw the line and set an example for those kids that you can have an impact on.


  1. Caleb King has to be considered in the same way. How many times do you allow someone to hurt the team by making stupid, selfish decisions? After this season Caleb should be 'encouraged' to leave early for the NFL. He should fit right in in Cincinnati...

  2. It's difficult to hold Richt responsible for the actions of Dowtin while on summer break several sates away.

    But dang, Mark Richt needs new PR.

  3. Since when is a 21 year old a kid? I hate that excuse for youngmen. He's young yes, but he ain't a kid anymore.

  4. FWIW, I heard CMR didn't hear of this until after the bowl game. Him sitting in Memphis was for other reasons.

    What might hurt Dowtin could be the possibility he didn't let CMR know. Even if the incident happened before the "Zero Tolerance" ultimatum, I doubt the head guy wants to be blindsided by this news. Especially after laying an egg in Memphis.

  5. Bernie,

    I didn't hear that Richt wasn't aware of the situation until after the bowl game until this am on the radio. This news makes it even worse because, as you said, he sat for other reasons. Yet again his bad attitude is on display. Guys like this aren't good for our team or the changes that need to come around.

  6. I'm so sick of these self righteous folks on theses blogs,growing up i was always to told not to pick trouble but if it came my way finish it and thats what dowtin did if anyone put there hands on me be prepared to take what you get !!!!

  7. It's funny that I didn't hear anyone grumbling about getting rid of AJ Green when he did something bad and put the team in a bad spot. Where do you draw the line? Dowtin has said he was trying to break up a fight which included his friends and he punched this guy doing so. Maybe that's true and maybe that's why the victim or the prosecutor didn't want to prosecute this case. The truth is that you don't have enough information to judge him and what happened here.

    That said, give Richt some credit. He kicked Demetre Baker off the team following his DUI arrest after warning all the kids about future problems. That's proof enough to me that Richt has sent a message for any more criminal conduct (Dowtin's thing occurred in May and he wasn't arrested for it). So I don't think this is something that gets him kicked off the team. Go DAWGS!!!!

  8. Hey when are you going to post those videos it's already a new year.....

  9. Patience Anon 10:19. End of the week.

  10. Amen.

    Fort Union Military Academy is not where a kid goes to High School who is not just a problem. Yet, that is where Mark Richt recruited Marcus Dowtin from in this home for wayward kids so Mark Richt can Minister to them.

    It further troubles me about the 2 more recruits for 2011 Mark Richt is going head-to-head with Admissions at UGA over right now today. Both throw off their high school teams. Come on down. We've still got a spot for you here Mark Richt says with his great record of helping this kids.

  11. J. Kesler,

    Take your excuses and move along. Mark Richt has not Ministered to Marcus Dowtin. Or, to anyone else, for that matter.

    If you are thrown off your High School team, UGA can just no longer afford the bad press. Go play somewhere else, as stated in this fine blog.


    I don't think we can any longer tolerate, finish it.

    My Dad taught me that too. But, I am not already in trouble, and never have been. Marcus Dowtin, my dad would have straightened out.

    Ally Garner,

    Difficult to hold Mark Richt responsible for recruiting Marcus Dowtin from Fort Union Military Academy, with all his issues since here ?

    I hold Mark Richt DIRECTLY responsible.