Tuesday, January 18, 2011

John Jenkins is a Wanted Man in Athens

Captured as Jenkins annihilated
an o-lineman in the South Central Louisiana
State University spring game last year

John Jenkins is a 6-4 330-pound nose tackle out of Gulf Coast Community College. His day job consists of being a nearly mindless, berserk killing machine, with no feelings apart from unfocused hatred, murderous rage, and the sheer malicious joy of destruction. Well, I may have embellished a little bit even though he has reportedly also given Chuck Norris a noogie. Needless to say, Richt and company are pulling out all the stops to lure this kid the Classic City.

All kidding and murderous rage aside, Jenkins looks like he could be a very integral part of our 2011 push to get some players along the line that can create a pass rush. Not saying that we don't have any of those guys now, but we could sure use an injection of quality depth at worst or even a legitimate starter. Chip Towers has a very encouraging article on Jenkins and Ray Drew's visit to Miami this weekend. If you're in the crowd that feels Drew is headed to Athens, you've got to like our chances with Jenkins after reading that. I'm never convinced of anything these days, so I really don't know either way. I'd sure like to have him in the fold for 2011. He is another one of those guys that will either make our National Signing Day a good one or make it go down in flames, as he's set to announce then.

At any rate, check out some highlights. Yes, that's him at running back in the first clip.

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