Tuesday, January 25, 2011

IT'S CATCHING!!! Dawgs Reel In an "X" Factor

With some added weight, Ward would
sure look the part.

Moultrie, GA offensive tackle (and apparent Alvin Nathaniel "Xzibit" Joiner enthusiast)Xzavier Ward committed to the Dawgs yesterday afternoon per Chad Simmons of Scout.com ($$$). I will now proclaim that from henceforth and now on, Mr. Ward shall be referred to as "X to the Z" just as his mentor. Just in case the name wasn't cool enough, his mom had to add in the "z" for style points. We'll she earned them.

Picking up commitments from offensive tackles is a good thing in my opinion, and Ward fits just that category. If you like "hype" articles, make sure and check THIS ONE out from Michael Carvell of the AJC. He has the measurables for an OT, coming in at 6'7 with very long arms, but will have to put on about 40 pounds to compete at the SEC level. He listed offers from Florida, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Notre Dame, and Clemson among others.

The one negative I can think of here is that Ward virtually eliminated the Dawgs about a month ago. Ward had visits cancelled to Florida and Alabama earlier by their staff, as they had filled up at the position. After Auburn told Ward they were waiting on another recruit to commit and would hold a spot for him, Ward pulled the trigger this weekend after his trip to see the Bizarro Dawgs in Starkville. A little concerned about this situation, but we've apparently freed up some room for him in the last few days with Tanner Strickland and perhaps Coach Searles' departures.

At any rate, welcome to the Dawg Nation Mr. Ward.


  1. A tremendous player. Two years in a program, and he ranks in the top 40. Says alot about the character and work ethic of this fine young man. Comes from a solid background...family and coaching staff.

  2. I love it when these prima donnas think the world revolves about them and then find out "life goes on" with or without them.