Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hoop Dawgs Play in November Tourney Next Year

According to Mark Wieszer at the ABH, Georgia is scheduled to play in a four game tournament (ranging between Nov. 13 and Nov.22), which features games at both Athens and in Kansas City. Basically, is sounds just like the CBE Classic that Duke won earlier this season although an official name for the tournament hasn't been announced.

The format of the tourney is a bit confusing but the way I read it, there are four "host schools" (which would include UGA) and they all play two home games. Two "travel teams" will go to play at each host schools' home court in a round-robin format. Then, the team with the best record will join the three other pod winners and go to Kansas City to play one another. The game is scheduled to be at the Sprint Center and the final game will be on November 22. I may have really screwed up that explanation but...oh well. There is no word yet on who any of the other teams will be, but traditionally, the field features many elite teams.

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