Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hoop Dawgs RPI Update (1/4/11)

Hope to see a lot of this on Saturday. (AJC)

As we speak, the Dawgs strength of schedule is probably falling like a rock. I say this because our recent schedule has really hurt our RPI. After peaking at around 40 before the winter break, we have fallen to the 57th position according to realtimerpi.com. This is primarily due to the fact that our last five opponents average RPI is 266 and their SOS average is 216. We've won the games we're supposed to, which is more than most SEC teams can say, but we haven't beaten any quality teams.

By virtue of just playing Kentucky Saturday, we should see a pretty nice little uptick in that RPI figure. If we somehow manage to beat the Big Blue, I'd say we'll move into the mid-30's. The losses against Notre Dame and Temple don't look so bad, but they'll still hurt us until we beat a couple of good teams.

Speaking of a couple of good teams that we'll need to beat, we desperately need to win that midweek game against Xavier on February 8th. It's a quality non-conference win, and since the SEC seems to be a little more down than we expected, it's probably going to take 10 more wins to make it to the tournament. Getting a win like that would be a nice sight for the selection committee come March. Our early conference schedule is also pretty rough, so if we struggle early a win like that would make it up if we finish strong.

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