Monday, January 10, 2011

Hell of A Win on Saturday at the Steg

Good time for a photo op with my phone.

With a thunderous applause and perhaps some bumps and bruises, Jeremy Price limped briskly to the bench after jumping over the high-rent district court seats on Saturday. His chase of a loose ball and subsequent chair hop had to be the highlight of the game on Saturday. It was also the highlight of the hardest game I've ever seen Jeremy play in the Red and Black. Though his stat line won't say it, Price had a very, very good game on Saturday. I've never seen him hustle and play with as much determination as I did two days ago.

I was extremely excited by the hustle and focus I saw on Saturday. I saw a bunch of focused and very mature guys out there on the court, which is something that hasn't been seen in Athens in a long time. The whole team played like they knew they were going to win that game and the confidence flowed through the whole bunch.

I was most impressed by Trey and Price. Like I said, even though Price only had two points, he was everywhere. Fighting for rebounds, hustling for loose balls, playing good defense- just a complete effort on his part. As far as Trey's concerned, I was glad to see him demanding the ball late. That's what good players do. I saw none of the moping and complaining I'd seen before this year and he really turned the effort way up. It's too bad that he didn't do it early on, but I guess he's just really starting to get close to 100% with the ankle.

Gerald Robinson also had a very good game. If he decides that he's going to the basket, no one in the SEC can stop him- perhaps no one in the country. If he continues to come along with the penetration, we'll be a team that's very hard to beat. I won't leave Ware out either, because as much as I've picked on him in the past he's been out of this world at taking care of and distributing the ball. With an assist-to-turnover ratio of nearly 3-1, it's hard to argue with that.

Honestly, I didn't think we'd win this game even though we desperately needed to. A big win like this gives us a lot of momentum going into the SEC slate and also gives us a nice little RPI and SOS boost. The Dawgs are standing at 48 and 143, respectively but as we go through SEC play that should improve dramatically. If we can build on this win and come out of our first 5 SEC games with two more wins, we stand a very good chance of making the tournament if the Dawgs win the games left that they should. I think 20 wins is the magic number with this team. Fox can do it.

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  1. The contested 3 that Ware hit with the clock running down to retake the lead after UK's run was huge.

    This team is good enough now that we can stop complaining about how the good players (Ware, Price) are holding us back because they aren't great.