Monday, January 24, 2011

Hedges to Hardwood Answers Your Questions

Today starts our first weekly installment of "Marty and Dawgola's Low Down". To put it more correctly, I guess the answer portion will be our first installment. Anyway.... I'll come up with a snazzy Photoshop created logo for the post when DT and I figure out if any of you are going to test our pooch predilection. This is a mailbag type forum that we'll open the comment thread for your questions. I hope that you'll participate and send us your questions because if you don't... well this will end up being a dud and I'll have to keep dredging the idea pond for one that I haven't caught and released. Believe me, this is shaping up to be a drought year and those fish... er... I mean ideas... are getting nervous and are starting to resort to cannibalism.

We'll be open to Dawgly discussions as well as any questions that you might have surrounding Dawgola's new ex- Dance Dawg squeeze that he keeps hiding from me. Hey Tesla, I hope you know that you're not fooling me any longer. And no, I didn't find out because you changed your status on Facebook. Give me some credit, I'm far more resourceful than that.

Seriously though, we'd love to hear your questions and hopefully we can did up some expert like Terence Moore to answer them. I'm sure you all would love that.


  1. Looking at the remainder of the schedule, what is a realistic view of what the bball team's win/loss record will be? What do you predict the RPI to be/will we be in the tournament?

  2. What's the deal with Auburn and LSU's bball teams. How are they so horrible? And yes, I acknowledge that I now have probably jinxed the Dawgs and they will drop both games...