Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Georgia vs. Florida Hoops Preview

Why am I writing this in "currier" font? Because this is some serious S***! Legal documents and fictionalized 50's police detectives punching typewriters, who smoked 8 packs of cigs a day used this font. But how can a January game be this important? For the following reasons:
  1. It's a rivalry game...DUH!
  2. We are currently 3-2 in SEC play. If we lose, we will be 3-3 heading into the rematch with Kentucky Saturday...which I'm certain the SEC will fix in UK's favor. That would mean we will be 3-4 in conference play...not so good.
  3. It will be on national television -- ESPN -- and will come complete with a sellout crowd. Needless to say, it is huge for our program.
  4. A win would get us one step closer to the big dance.
Other than that it has no significance.

So what does Florida have this year? Well, as a team they currently possess a 15-4 record, and are off to a 4-1 start in SEC play. They are primarily led by three guys: (1) guard Ervin Walker who leads the team in ppg (13.7) and in 3-point%, shooting a ridiculous 41.8% from behind the arc; (2) guard Kenny Boynton, who is second in points and is arguably their most talented player; and (3) forward Chandler Parsons, who is 6'10'' but tends to hang outside the paint on offense. He averages 10.0 ppg and leads the team in rebounds with 6.9 per game. The big disappointment for the Gators has been the play of big man Alex Tyus. He was expected to be a candidate for All-SEC first team but is only averaging 9.5 ppg and just 5.0 rpg (I am vigorously knocking on wood as I type this). 6'10'' Vernan Macklin has been their most consistent big man, as he averages 10.8 ppg and 6.2 rpg.

What to expect from Florida's game plan: Well, during the partial-birth abortion that was their 45-40 win against Auburn last Thursday, they were a staggering 5-26 on three pointers. In their win over Arkansas Saturday, they were a modest 5-17 but still scored 75 points. So...it is a little tough to predict. I personally think they will jack the threes, so let's pray they have another off night. I do think their starters are as good as Tennessee's if not better, but they do not have near the depth. We are a 2-point favorite, so the game is pretty much a coinflip for the oddsmakers. Also, this will be Florida third game in six days -- hopefully they will be a little "dead legged".

As I said before we played Tennessee, I will gladly take a lucky and/or controversial finish as long as we're the victor. Let's hope the bad karma from that UT game gets crapped out in our favor this time around. (Yes, that was a very bizarre sentence)

Here are UF's stats:


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