Thursday, January 20, 2011

Georgia Now With Cootie(s): Dawgs Get Commitment #19

Quintavious "Cootie" Harrow has chosen the Dawgs over the likes of... well, he had no other offers. But lets not let that dictate what type of player he may be. I've heard the Dawgs needed Cootie to get a test score and he got the needed number sometime last week when the offer came down from Richt and Co.

Harrow will more than likely be playing safety at Georgia, with his 6'1 205-pound frame a bit large for corner contention. If you notice his highlight tape from above, you'll notice that he has quite the talent for blitzing. I guess it's to be determined how his cover skills are. It has also been reported that he is the fastest player on the Carver team.

Oh yeah, if I forgot to mention, he's Isaiah Crowell's best friend; they'll be coming to Athens together this weekend. I assume the coaching staff has a position that his offer wasn't because of Crowell's lofty recruiting status or the Dawg's dire need of an elite back. Don't count Mrs. Crowell as one of those people to be tricked on this subject. Her comments from the AJC (can't find link):

“Well, for Quintavious it’s wonderful... But I don’t want them to do it to get Isaiah there. I’m not selling my son’s soul to the devil. This is his decision. If they want to give Quintavious a scholarship, that’s fine. But that can’t have anything to do with Isaiah. He has too much pressure on him as it is and I’m going to lay that on the line with them. We’ll discuss that while we’re up there.”

She sounds like a pretty smart lady to me.

As for Cootie, maybe the coaching staff is expecting some attrition at safety or they think he can grow into a linebacker type. He does look like a RPG (much like Rennie) getting after the ball carrier. Who knows?

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  1. Thomas Davis had to grow. I'll bet Cootie's name gets a chant of its own by the time he leaves. We need guys with motors and a sense for where the ball is. We stole one here I think.