Monday, January 17, 2011

Early Look at Hoop Dawgs' Bracketology Status

It's the middle of January yet several online websites, including Joe Lunardi at ESPN, have begun their annual attempt to nail the NCAA tournament field. With the Dawgs currently 13-3, let's take a look at where the varius "experts" put UGA in the field of...not 64...not 65...but 68. Actually, let me address the new tournament format first:

The new field of 68 will play out like this: the last 4 teams RANKED by the selection committee will play each other in two "play-in" type games. In other words, the winners of these two games will be 16-seeds in the field of 64 (this will probably be winners of the MEAC or American East conferences for instance) The other two 16 seeds will not have to do the play-in game thing. Now for the weird part. The last four AT-LARGE teams selected will play each other in a similar fashion, but obviously since they are at-large teams, they can't be 16 seeds. So essentially, the entire tournament could have six 11-seeds at the very beginning, and after the two "play-in games", it will be narrowed down to the normal four 11-seeds. Confused yet? I'll post a link to Lunardi's "bracketology" page below and I think it will make it clearer once you see the actual bracket.

ANYWAY, a really cool website, the "Bracket Matrix" lists their own predictions, as well as giving about 25 other "bracketology" experts' predictions. (Joe Lunardi at ESPN, Bracketology101,, etc.).

As for the Dawgs, most of them have Georgia rated somewhere between a 7-seed and...not getting in. I would say on average, the Dawgs' are hovering around the dreaded 8/9 seed range (meaning they have to play the 1-seed in the second round). The problem is, many of these websites aren't updated daily can get mixed results...and the additional problem of it only being January 17.

We will have weekly updates on Georgia's tournament status so stay tuned. I will also throw in some RPI stuff once we get closer to March. (Currently UGA's RPI #41)

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