Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Despite Auburn's Denial, Cecil Newton Attends the BCS Championship

Cecil Newton not attending the game Monday.
(Vasha Hunt: Opelika-Auburn News)

Jay Jacobs, Auburn's AD, has maintained for several weeks that he and Cecil Newton Sr. had come to an agreement that Newton would not attend Monday's BCS Championship. As you can tell from above, that wasn't exactly what happened. While people were gathered around Cam on the field, he looked in the stands to find his dad and when he did, he then motioned for him to come down. When that didn't happen, Cam went into the stands to embrace his father.

The simple fact that Cecil was there doesn't bother me. It's his kid and I'm sure I'd wanna be there too. The problem is that Auburn said he definitely wouldn't be there. While this doesn't seem to be that big of a deal initially, it bears inquiring, what else has Auburn told us that was blatantly untrue? Also, if Auburn officials would lie about such a small thing like this, why wouldn't they lie about the bigger issue in question? One final question, if they aren't getting caught for this stuff why change?

The simple answer is the 3rd question- if they're not getting whacked for it, there's no need to change the game plan. Just keep on cheating until you get caught and if you don't, well you've just won the NC scott free. It's genius really.

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  1. Man, Cecil got to the game in the nick of time!

    After putting down his $180,000 bet in Vegas,he might have missed his son's play.!

    My question is what did Cecil do with Cam's bonus money for playing in the NCG? (LOL)