Monday, January 24, 2011

Dawgs' Weekend Hoops Recap

It was a sweet bounce back game for the Dawgs this past Saturday. With the help of some sharp three point shooting (11-19), a lackluster effort by Mississippi State, and a ridiculous rebounding edge -- 53 to 25 -- the Dawgs were able to put the hammer down on the Bizarro Dawgs, 86-64. As for the Lady Dawgs....uh...I think they won too.

Now...back to the guys' game...
  • Jeremy Price had a predictably good game after having an equally predictably bad one.
  • It was nice to see Barnes only playing 13 minutes (not because I hate him but because...that's inside his comfort zone)
  • Sherrard Brantley is getting noticeably better and more comfortable each game (3-5 on three pointers)
  • Ditto for Marcus Thornton, who led the team with nine rebounds
  • Our starting guards were very solid: Ware had six assists and ZERO turnovers, Robinson had 5 and 1 respectively (and also added 17 points)
  • It was nice to see Vince Williams is still breathing
  • As Van Dawgin points out in his recruiting article, it was very nice to get a win with our football recruits a packed house no less.
  • Trey had a so-so game but seemed to find his stroke from behind the arc.
  • The swimmer guy in the Speedo that sits behind the goal in the student section had a "Shake Weight" -- VERY entertaining.
  • Rick Stansbury seems like a nice guy but he should be on the hot seat. His team quit in the second half. Renardo Sidney is very skilled but is also fat and gets lazy. Everyone else -- with the exception of Dee Bost -- seemed to follow his lead. So, there may have been a little bit of an effort issue in my opinion for MSU,'s not our problem!
Also, our RPI is now ranked #42 and we obviously have a great OPPORTUNITY to be 4-2 in SEC play heading into the rematch with UK this Saturday. That is, IF we take care of business tomorrow against Florida. A win in either or both of these upcoming games (both games is VERY unlikely) would probably jack our RPI even higher. I'm already feeling more confident about this game than the Tennessee one...but I could be wrong. (another note: both the Florida game Tuesday and the Kentucky game Saturday are going to be televised by ESPN...not ESPNU...not even ESPN2...but the REAL ESPN! Let's not embarrass ourselves shall we.)

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