Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boykin and Glenn Will Wait to 2012

I guess these two didn't catch the Mayans memo (or John Cusack's piece of crap movie) about the impending apocalypse in 2012, thus limiting the amount of time they can bathe in the dollar bills they rake in in next year's draft. As we see from "draft experts" Mel Kiper and Todd McShay, Glenn and Boykin are highly ranked juniors this year.

For some reason, we've had a terrible record retaining players that would garner any draft consideration. While I don't know their personal situation, it seems to me most of the players that have left UGA for the NFL early lately would have made a lot more money with another season under their belt. This is a problem exclusively for our team it. Stanford keeps the #1 overall pick in school, OSU convinces the Biletnikoff winner to hang around, and Florida keeps a 1st round CB in Gainesville.

While I'd be happy to say our top wideout was staying in school, like the aforementioned three, but it would be complete lunacy on his part. Why these guys, who'd be definite 1st-rounders would stay in school baffles me.

  1. You can't improve your draft stock if you stay.
  2. What if you get hurt and you're never able to play again? (Don't remind me about Lloyd's of London. Who the hell wants to sit at home and get paid 1/4 of what you'd actually be making playing football, taking HGH, and drinking Ciroc at the club?)
HELLO ANDREW LUCK!!! I know Carolina sucks, but how does $12 million a year and $54 million guaranteed sound in 6 months? What an idiot. Do they teach time value of money in the basic finance classes at Stanford? I wanna complete my degree... blah...blah...blah... That's like buying a Mega Millions ticket, winning, and telling them to wait because those numbers might be good next year when the jackpot is 1/3 the size. Oh yeah, I'll have some of that. 

Anyway, I think Glenn and Boykin made a solid choice. The both of them stand a good chance of making a lot more dough in next year's draft. If their families are in good shape financially, why is there any rush? Judging by the amount of alcohol related arrests on the team last year and the amount of bars stacked with local talent, being an football player in Athens, GA is probably a good time. 

As far as any news on Justin Houston's status, well... there isn't any. Word on the street is that he has attended all of the team meetings thus far this semester. I'd guess he's probably gone, but maybe Richt did another nice job re-recruiting him to play again next season. He's widely considered a second rounder at this point, but with another dominant season he'd play his way into the first next year. I guess we'll see on that one. 

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