Thursday, December 9, 2010

Who Will Make the First Move?

Now that Meyer is officially done at UF, there now exists TWO major openings in the state of Florida alone. Miami still has not named a coach (although a decision might be looming) and Florida will now frantically search for a replacement for Meyer (don't equate "frantically" with having to rush and hire a sub-par coach by the way). The point is, although these teams don't always play each other nor play in the same conference, the things they do have in common is A) they are both nationally relevant historically, and B) they recruit the same players (duh).

How does this relate to Georgia? Well, let's start with the fact that Florida went 7-5 this season, which means neither the coach nor the program is capable of winning 10 games a year based solely on talent (or any other resource for that matter). Now that we know the Florida "program" is not invincible, IF they hire the wrong guy and continue down this "four or five loss a year path", it could lift the Dawgs to a level above the Gators in the East -- somewhere we haven't been in a LONG time. We would get more recruits from Florida (especially if Miami continues to be mediocre) and if their new coach turns out to be....well, just not a good coach, we might actually accumulate some wins against the Gators (highly unlikely though considering we struggled against the likes of Ron Zook).

I'm satisfied both these schools, Miami and Florida, are going to have some crossover with their coaching candidates. My fear is that Jeremy Foley is going to make a home run hire (even Mullen would qualify as such in my opinion) and the Dawgs will remain playing second fiddle to UF (or third fiddle like this year). But if Miami makes the home run hire first and Florida rushes to hire someone like Charlie Strong -- a still unproven head coach who might not be good long-term (then again he could be awesome) -- then the Dawgs would benefit ENORMOUSLY. I do NOT think Foley will go after Gruden, if for no other reason because of the lack of college coaching and recruiting. I just don't think Florida would risk it. As for Miami....who knows what they will do, but I don't see the U impacting Georgia's football team directly like Florida does anyway.

For all UGA coaches/players and high school recruits, all eyes are now on the Gators...for us Georgia fans -- here's hoping that one of the best AD's in the country really screws up this coach hiring thing.

My guess: Miami -- ???, Florida -- Mullen, and more bad times for UGA.

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