Friday, December 31, 2010

This Week in the Dawghouse: UGA vs. UCF Autozone Liberty Bowl

This will be a really short preview. For at least the third time this season, I'll posit that we SHOULD win this game. A little comparo to get you up to speed:

QB: Aaron Murray vs. Jeff Godfrey
ADVANTAGE: Murray has awesome hair plus Godfrey plays in the minor leagues. 
WR: A.J. Green vs. Jamar Newsome
ADVANTAGE: Is Julio still better? Really? 
LB: Justin Houston vs. Derrick Hallman
ADVANTAGE: Hmmmm....
RB: Washaun Ealey vs. Ronnie Weaver
ADVANTAGE: This one is close, but I'm going with the guy with the better YPC... and parking skills.
MASCOT: Uga vs. Knightro
ADVANTAGE: Knightro looks like Super Shredder from "The Secret of the Ooze". Isn't that little white puppy more lovable than an evil mastermind with shoulder spikes, a huge rolling tank-orb, and a talking brain friend from Dimension X.

As you can see, we have a lot of superstars and well, they don't. We're also a touchdown favorite over a 10-win team. Like I said, we should win but who the hell knows what's going to happen with this crew. I won't be surprised either way. The one thing I do know is that if Mark Richt doesn't win this game, the hot-seat goes to OMG RED-PHONE NUCULAR*** MODE. 

***I know. Don't correct my grammaticals.
***It has been reported that Uga won't be on the sidelines and the duties will again fall to Russ. Still, a cuddly little bulldog is, at any time, better than a super villain knockoff. 

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