Friday, December 10, 2010

So Who Has the Inside Track at Florida?

The interwebs are ablaze in speculation over who will be the next corch in Gainesville. The odds-on favorite is Mississippi State's Dan Mullen, but I'm sure you already knew that. According to, it is 1/1 right now that Mullen will be in Gator orange once again next season. There are about nine other guys on that prop list though, what about their chances and also some guys who aren't listed on there?

  • Bobby Petrino, Arkansas (Not Listed): This seems to be Jeremy Foley's number one candidate, even though the media keeps talking about Dan Mullen and Bodog isn't giving this move a chance. I actually think Mullen is too obvious a choice to get the offer. Anyway, Petrino has a penchant for moving along to the next best thing (Louisville, Atlanta for a cup of coffee, and then Arky) and Florida would certainly be the next best thing. He is known for his offensive genius and with all of those weapons at UF, his hire could be a very good thing. 
  • Bob Stoops, Oklahoma (3/1): And now for a rhyme.
    • Big Game Bob isn't getting this job. He can't beat Boise in football or Scattergories.  Winning games of magnitude isn't in his aptitude. Big Game Bob isn't getting this job.
  • Charlie Strong, Louisville (4/1): Charlie can recruit very well and can also coach up a defense, but he isn't a proven head coach yet. I'm not so sure that he's cut out for being a head man either, as he exudes the same vibe as Tom Moore does on the sidelines for the Colts. With a running back as fine as Bilal Powell (211 for 1330 and 10TD's, 6.3 YPC ranked #2 in top 20 RB's in the nation), you'd think the Cardinals record would be better than 6-6 in a terrible Big East. 
  • Kyle Whittingham, Utah (9/2): This is a very interesting choice, albeit a long shot. Urban came from Utah and Whittingham looks like a sexy pick right now with a 59-18 career record that includes a 6-0 bowl record. He and Meyer also are pretty good friends, so this looks like another logical move for Foley. It's a little too logical for my tastes.
  • Chris Peterson, Boise State (5/1): This is the type of hire that would light the woods on fire in Gainesville. As soon as ESPN announced this hire it would be declared that, until Peterson retired, the Gators would go undefeated. The love fest that ESPN maintains for Florida would expand exponentially until it became self-aware and launched a nuclear attack on every other college football program in country. Seriously, Florida would get more media coverage than any college football team ever. So this probably makes sense for them.
  • Gus Malzahn, Auburn OC (7/1): I just don't see this happening yet. Getting the reigns to one of the top-2 jobs in the nation may be career suicide. I could see him at a place like Vandy for a few years then moving to a more prominent power. He'll get his chance after next year.
  • John Gruden, ESPN (Not Listed): Gruden isn't going to be coaching in college ever. The NFL is a whole different animal and I don't think Johnny Boy is cut out for the recruiting game. He'll be in Denver, Charlotte, or San Francisco come March. 
  • Kevin Sumlin, Houston (Not Listed): This guy is going to be a hot commodity in the next few years. He is one of the most brilliant offensive minds in college football and is also known as one of the best recruiters in the country. I really think this would be a great hire for the Gators, but I'm not so sure he can win at the highest level yet. Give him two more years and someone's going to be beating down his door with a Brinks truck full of cash.
  • Randy Edsall, UCONN (Not Listed): I really hope that this guy gets the job. He's my optimal candidate for a few reasons:
    1. He won the Big East this year. That's like saying you "won" ebola playing bingo at the VFW. You did return home with something, only instead of enjoying your winnings at the local Ryan's you'll be bleeding from your nose, eyes, and ears just before your long and painfully horrible death. Just ask Rich Rodriguez about it.
    2. I don't think he's any good. 69-69 in the Big East is a joke. Insert DickRod joke here: Dickrod was 60-29 in the Big East.
    3. He's not a good recruiter. He's had just two guys ranked above three stars in his entire time at UCONN. Plain dumb luck should net you better results than that. 
    4. I'm told he's a complete jerk. Derek Rich had a full ride at UCONN and transferred back to UGA to play for the Dawgs. That tells me he's a DGD and Connecticut sucks. 
If you ask me who I think is going to get the nod, I'd say Petrino is the guy to beat. Mullen is too much of a no-brainer and I've heard that he really loves it in Starkville. Who knows, if he keeps it up there for a while, when Lane gets canned at USC he'd be a great fit. Petrino can recruit, coach, and loves to be the center of attention. Plus, I already have a head start on not liking him at all. Sounds like a perfect candidate to fill the job.

Whomever it turns out to be, worst of luck to you corch.

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  1. Great work as always, but I have to disagree on Edsall. UCONN has only been a FBS school for 10 years, so I think he's done a great job getting them to the top of the Big East, even though the Big East stinks. Also, the northeast is not a very fertile recruiting base. Plus, being a jerk has seemed to work well for Meyer, Saban and Petrino.