Friday, December 17, 2010

SEC/Big East Challenge Expanded

It was announced yesterday that the annual "SEC/Big East Challenge" will now include all 12 SEC teams and 12 of the 16 Big East teams every year starting in 2011. Also, the games will be played at the team's home courts, as opposed to "neutral" locations.

(Translation: There was no rhyme or reason which teams played in this thing and since every team wants to play, we'll let them. Also, we can't schedule neutral sites because there are about 125 people at the games (with the exception of Kentucky games).) Basically, there will be six SEC home teams and six Big East home teams each year.

So, this will give UGA another guaranteed big time opponent each year (unless they play DePaul or TCU in 2012) which plays into Fox's desire for a tough non-conference schedule. If you remember, we played St. John's in this last year (although technically it was played at their home court at MSG), so we should get a another big home game eventually. (It would be cool to play someone like UCONN or Syracuse in Stegeman)

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